Department of Forestry

The Department of Forestry is responsible for the training of specialists in the field 6.090103 - "Forestry and Horticulture" at daytime and extra-mural departments with the licensed volume, respectively - 30 and 15 people. This educational training was  established in 2007 at the  Department of Land Management and Cadastre;  in April 2009 the Department of Forestry was established as  a separate unit within the Faculty of Geography (order of the rector of 23.04.09r. № 52 / 01-03 according to the decision of the Academic Council of the University ). As of 2013 the total number of students is- 82 daytime and 60 extra-mural departments.

The first head of the Department of Forestry was the  Volodymyr Kichura Ph.D in agriculture, who had headed the Department of Land Management and Cadastre and has had extensive experience in teaching and production activities. From July 2011, the department is headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Liudwig Potish. The  Department is formed by bringing together of highly qualified teachers and scholars of other university departments and practitioners forestry enterprises of Transcarpathian region to provide the education process at an appropriate level.

In general, the staff of the department provide lectures and conduct laboratory classes and practical classes  of more than 20 professional disciplines.

Almost the same number of humanitarian, scientific and Natural Sciences of the following areas of training are transferred to the specialized departments of The Faculty of Geography, The Faculty of Biology, The Faculty of Chemistry and others.

The scientific and pedagogical work also involve practitioners. Associate Prof. Herbut F. has devoted 40 years of fruitful work at Carpathian Forest Research Station, holding the position of senior researcher and deputy director in this unique research institution of forestry. Associate professors L.Potish, A. Myhal and  E.Turys joined the department with significant research experience and significant achievements: scientific articles, monographs and textbooks and manuals, including the  MON neck.

Great work is done to improve the material and technical resources, including: office Botany and Dendrology Labs, The Laboratory of Forest Protection, Wood technology Lab., Laboratory of Zoology and Hunting, Forestry Study, Forest Inventory and Forest management Labs.

The educational, industrial, and then pre-diploma practice is organized at state enterprises of forest, hunting and forestry research farms of Transcarpathia, as well as at environmental organizations and institutions. For this purpose, an appropriate agreement was signed between the The Faculty of Geography of UzhNU and  certain enterprises, organizations and institutions.

Mountain base in Miizhhirskyi egion (v. Kolochava), Botanical Garden of UzhNU, Zoological Museum (which contains collections of flora and fauna not only of the region but also Europe and the world), mineralogical museum, computer classes and other laboratories are beneficially used by the students.

After graduation, the graduates are guaranteed employment, as  the forestry sector strongly requires 80 specialists with higher education each year.

Main scientific achievements of the Department lie in the developing approaches of implementing the principles of sustainable development in forestry production. In particular, the model is being worked on- the transformation of the even-aged stands into different ages stand, using, adapted to the forests of Transcarpathia, European experience of plantations closer to the nature. The department also organizes scientific, educational, methodological and scientific-organizational activities with the aim of optimization of protective functions of forests, forest conservation, recording and sustainable use of forest resources and conservation in general. Scientists of the department in cooperation with other departments develop a regional program "Development of the Econet project  of Transcarpathian region."

Associate professors V. Kichura, A. Myhal, L.Potish, F. Herbut, E.Turys are members of the scientific and technical advice board of POP "Synevyr", "Zacharovanyi Krai".  L. Potish  is co-author and editor of the scientific publication "Red Book of Ukraine" and "The Red Book of the Ukrainian Carpathians."

Teachers of the department are invited  as consultants and experts for other academic institutions of Transcarpathia.

Since 2013 the Department provides short-term training, based on the OCC "Junior Specialist" - graduates of colleges.