Department of Physical Geography and Efficient Environmental Management

The Department began its work in 2005 on the newly created Faculty of Geography of Uzhhorod National University. It is headed by the founder of the Faculty of Geography Honoured Professor of "UzhNU" Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine- Stepan Pop.

The Department of Physical Geography and Environmental Management trains highly qualified specialists- bachelors, the direction of training 6.040104 "Geography" (annual licensed volume - 30 people of daytime department, 15 of them - for government contracts and 30 people of extra-mural department, 5 of which for government contracts) specialists and masters, the direction of training         7 (8) .04010401 "Geography" (licensed number 20 and 15 people respectively).

All employees of the Department are active members of the Ukrainian Transcarpathian Department of  Geographic Society, regionally chaired by prof. Stepan Pop, he also heads the Public Council under the State Department of Environmental Protection in the Transcarpathian region, which includes NGOs conservation areas.

The teaching staff of the department participates in the geographical congresses, conferences, scientific and teaching seminars, national competitions in geography and so on.

Since 2006, under contracts with the State Department of Environmental Protection in the Transcarpathian region several projects have been completed, in which students of the Faculty of Geography during their summer practical training carried out expeditions to Uzhanskyi National Park and the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, climbing the highest mountain in Ukraine Hoverla, visiting the "Valley of daffodils." As the integral part of one of the projects we organized a series of panel discussions on "Ecology and Spirituality" on regional television, published environmental appeal booklet, in cooperation with various religious dioceses of the region and the State Department of Environmental Protection.

Comlex educational-geographical training  are organized at the base of CBR, POP "Sinevir", Uzhanskyi NPP, NPP Shatsky, DBR, Transcarpathian Prospecting Expedition, I. Mechnikov Odessa National University, get practical skills with geodetic instruments and more.

During the productive educational practices students confirm the obtained theoretical knowledge, learn to observe and describe the characteristics of people, customs and cultures of different ethnic groups in Transcarpathia, study agro objects native land, practice in the sphere of economics, statistics etc.

Students begin their first attempts in research works during the course "Scientific-research work of students" and "Methods of Geographical Research." Students can use modern computer lab with Internet access and soil, geodesic and cartographic laboratories.

After receiving basic higher education (bachelor's degree) graduates can work in secondary schools as teachers of geography or  in public and departmental structures, requiring specialists, geographers, particularly in public administration (management of the economy, land use, environmental protection, etc.) continue their studies at the Department for the purpose of obtaining complete higher education, i.e. qualifying specialist or master geography.