Faculty of Healthcare

The Human Health Faculty is one of the youngest at our University. It was founded in 2001 on the basis of the speciality “Physical Rehabilitation” as the Faculty of Physical Training and Sports. On March 5, 2013, due to the fact that the faculty fulfilled the staff training in the direction “Human Health” and speciality “Physical Rehabilitation”, it was reorganized and renamed into the Human Health Faculty. The mentioned direction and speciality are accredited at the IV level in 2011; the licence is valid up to July 1, 2021.

There are three departments functioning at the faculty:

  • Physical Rehabilitation Department provides students’ graduation. It is headed by Olena Dulo, a Candidate of Medicine, Associate Professor. This department provides the teaching of the disciplines on rehabilitation technologies, training of postgraduate students on the speciality 24.00.03 “Physical Rehabilitation”;
  • Department of Health Foundations, headed by Kseniya Meleha, a Candidate of Medicine, Associate Professor. The department is responsible for students training on the disciplines studying health protection technologies in accordance with the official standards, and for the scientific and methodical work at the faculty;
  • Department of Physical Training Theory and Methodology, headed by Valeriy Tovt, a Candidate of Pedagogy, Associate Professor, and responsible for teaching and training process concerning sports disciplines and the implementation of health protection technologies into the physical training process.

At the faculty, there are highly qualified specialists; therefore, it is possible to perform scientific investigations successfully. The faculty staff includes: 1 professor, doctor of biology, 7 associate professors, 10 candidates of sciences, 3 senior tutors, 4 tutors. Three tutors have the title of the Sports Master of Ukraine.

One of the significant potentials of the faculty development is the strengthening of partnership with international higher education institutions, scientific institutions, outstanding people in the field of education and science. This activity is developed by the faculty together with the University’s Department of External Contacts. Thus, the project of our faculty’s cooperation with Prešov Institute (Slovakia) and Nyiregyhaza Pedagogical Institute (Hungary) is already delivered to this department for analysis. Nowadays the faculty is the most powerful scientific subpart in the field of physical training, sports and human health in Transcarpathia. Together with the departments of educations and science, youth and sports of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, other higher education institutions of Ukraine, local sports schools and clubs it takes active part in the elaboration of the field development strategy and in solving the practical problems of leading kinds of sports.

560 daytime and extramural students study at the faculty. The majority of them dream of the profession of rehabilitologist. But students having significant successes in sports are concentrated on training and pedagogical work. The faculty is proud of the fact that over 30 Sport-Masters, members of the national teams studied and study in it.

In particular, the participants of the Winter Olympic Games, international-class Sport-Masters, winners of different stages of the World Cup: Anna-Marie Chundak (snowboard), Enver Ablayev and Mykola Skriabin (freestyle), Veronica Meshko and Volodymyr Liatov (sports dances), Yuliya Herei, Natalia Kalinina (fencing), Annette Lenart (tennis). There are also the following persons among our graduates: the participant of the world winter Universidad, repeated champion of Ukraine on snowboard, international-class Sport-Master Yosip Peniak, the excellent student Gabriela Znik, international-class Sport-Master on power lifting, champion and records woman of Ukraine, Yelizaveta Ban, international-class Sport-Master on power lifting, Yevhen Sirotov, Sport-Master on sports orientation, a postgraduate student, Vasyl Potokiy, Sport-Master on the weight sports. Eight girl-students of the faculty are Sport-Masters on handball and belong to the handball club “Karpaty”, which is a threefold champion of Ukraine.