Faculty of Geography

 Faculty of  Geography of Uzhhorod National University was established in 2005. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine immediately gave UzhNU the  right to carry out educational activities for training in three new areas: 0504 "Tourism", 0705 "Geography" and 0709 "Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management" within the licensed volume of 30 persons for the first two specialties  and 45 for the last one. In 2007, the Faculty received a license to train 45 students(15 of extra-mural department) in the fourth specialty- "Forestry and Horticulture". Transcarpathian region lacks the specialists in all these areas, for the fact that they relate to the priority sectors of its economy. About 50 highly qualified specialists are delivering professionally-oriented courses. The following laboratories both well-equipped and those under the arrangement, are opened for the students at  the Faculty of Geography: soil science, geodesy, cartography and land management drawings, computer and GIS technology, forestry, wood technology and study of geology and mineralogy, which collected more than 600 samples of minerals and rocks from Ukraine and countries, there are two computer labs with Internet access and a variety of workshops, including geography and regional studies.

Faculty cooperates with leading Ukrainian and foreign educational institutions, scientific institutions of Ukraine, provides group and individual travel to scholars and students around the world, organizes and conducts high school, national and international scientific conferences and seminars.

The students of Faculty of Geography take an active part in social, sport and cultural life of the university and the region, present research papers at conferences, make trips to cities within Ukraine and other countries. They organize annual climbing to the top of Mount Hoverla and  Polonyna Runa,  Antalovetska Poliana and others. One of the tasks of workshop of geography and regional studies the following expedition are carried: the tract "Falcon Berdy" CBR, lake Svitiaz  in Shatsky National Park and Reserve of local importance "Falcon Rock." The students of  Faculty of Geography can arrange their own entertainment. In particular, the Faculty organizes a Geographer Day, Freshman’s Day, Miss of the Faculty and the annual football competition- Dean Cup.

The structure of the faculty: The Department of Physical Geography and Environmental Management, The Department of Land Management and Cadastre, The Department of Forestry.