Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering and Technology was opened at Uzhhorod State University in accordance with the rector`s order № 139-05 from 7 March 1991.

Since 1st of September 1991 two groups, specialisations "Technology of Mechanic Engineering", and "Instrument Engineering" began their study, full time and extra-mural attendance, more than 50 students studied there. Later new specialisations were added and new departments were formed.

Nowadays five main departments provide the training:
  • instrument engineering;
  • technology of mechanic engineering;
  • electronic system;
  • city development;
  • computer system and networks

Group of students

Groups of students of ETF are formed in general from the school leavers with the results of their outer assessment. Each year the faculty fulfills the state order about specialists training in licensed fields of work and speciality. Hence in 2013 for the 1st year of study 115 full-time students and 25 extra-mural students were enrolled.

Dated September 2013 more than 600 students study at the faculty, 105 students study in accordance with the Agreement.

Staff of the Faculty

Up to the beginning of the study, engineers of the departments take part in organising laboratory tests. Dated September 2013 ETF staff include 85 members. The lecturers of the departments in accordance with the schedule have further training in leading Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine and abroad.

Organization and Manuals of the study process

Curricula are made in accordance with proved EPT (education and profession training) and EQF (education and qualification features). With the aim to improve the effectiveness of work at the departments study committees are formed to control the preparation of curricula.

The members of the departments prepared the methodical brochures to help the students to make laboratory tests, year and diploma projects, master research. The issues concerning the methodical works are often discussed at the meetings at the departments and Science Board of ETF as well. In accordance with the requirements all subjects are methodologically and informationaly completed.

Student`s Life

Leisure time of students is full of creative deeds and thrill as almost in any area of interest you can find the way to express yourself. Everyone can do some social activities, try himself in students` fulfillment. Those who are funny and creative can achieve their potential in СFC (club of funny and curious students). Sport contests are regularly held at our faculty. At annual tournament held by SHEI "UzhNU" the teams of our faculty are always aimed to win.

Employment of our faculty graduators

Dean`s Office and the departments of our ETF keep in contact with the enterprises of Transcarpathia. During the period of training, presentations, learning excursions the graduators had the possibility to learn about the enterprises and the work condition. On the other hand employers also have a chance to assess the students` ability, their attitude to work that demonstrate the possibility of their employment.

Within the frame of signed contracts the students of our faculty can get training and use the material and technical facilities of the following enterprises: Closed Corporation "Eurocar", "Jabil Circuit Ukraine Limited", Fisher Mukachevo Ltd., Yadzaki, Flextronics, VET Automotiv Ukraine Ltd., Closed Corporation "Berehiv radio factory", Open Corporation "Machine building plant "Tysa", Private Corporation "Uzhhorod Turbohaz", Open Corporation "Mukachevo machine building plant" and others.

Oksana Panko