UzhNU implements new grant projects together with the universities from other countries

UzhNU implements new grant projects together with the universities from other countries

Uzhhorod National University is actively working on the creation of grant projects. In 2020 UzhNU will implement 5 projects within the framework of the cross-border programmes "Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine" and "Romania-Ukraine".

Myroslava LENDEL, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Research of UzhNU

These projects address a variety of issues ranging from energy efficiency, exploring our cultural and ethnographic heritage to observing the movement of the Earth.

Moreover, our university is preparing 12 project applications, which will be submitted for consideration to the “Hungary-Slovakia-Ukraine” programme. We are also preparing the applications to be considered by the European Commission under the Erasmus+, K2, and Jean Monnet programmes.

More and more faculties get involved in the implementation of the grant projects. Biologists have submitted three projects this year mainly related to the environmental issues. They are planning to use ancient recipes to produce cosmetics from the medicinal plants growing in Transcrpathia. We believe that it will help to promote tourism in our region. They are also implementing a project together with the university from Romania.

 Yaroslava HASYNETS, the Dean of the Faculty of Biology of UzhNU

Our project is aimed at studying the genome of the population of the border areas of Ukraine and Romania. Biological material samples will be collected from about 150 people for DNA analysis and detecting medically significant mutations which effected this group of population.

The number of countries UzhNU collaborates with is getting higher. UzhNU journalists participate in a prestigious project together with 10 other Ukrainian universities. Its main goal is to modernize journalism education, update curricula and bring them closer to the EU standards. Scientists from the leading Ukrainian universities and universities in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands, and Poland work together within the Consortium. The Department of Journalism of UzhNU has also implemented a project together with the US Embassy. They opened a multimedia studio as a result of this project.

Yurii BIDZILYA, Doctor of Science in Social Communications, Professor, the Head of the Department of Journalism of UzhNU

 We have created a multimedia platform MediaVista, which publishes both student materials and scientific ones. They include radio and video materials created by students and professional ones. There is also very good ethno-science studying ethnic groups living in Transcarpathia. The Americans acknowledged that the project was successful and suggested that we might continue it.

 Moreover, UzhNU is a participant in the international project “Changes at Pedagogical Faculties and Universities in the 21st Century”. We have also received a positive feedback about the project on the research of new energy solutions in the Carpathian region we have submitted.

 Volodymyr SMOLANKA, the Rector of UzhNU

The implementation of a large-scale Horizon 2020 framework agreement is coming to an end. It’s a major scientific project with the funding of € 70 billion from the European Union. Such projects are won and implemented only in collaboration with other universities and it is very difficult to win at least one such project. There are two Horizon 2020 projects underway, which is the evidence of a high level of UzhNU.

The HU-SK-RO-UA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme launched a project to monitor hazardous natural and man-made geoprocesses. A project has also been launched to develop cross-border cooperation in the region through the promotion of crafts and gastronomy.