Coffee with the Dean / Coffee with a Student: Top 5 Reasons to Join the Ukrainian-Hungarian Educational Institute

Coffee with the Dean / Coffee with a Student: Top 5 Reasons to Join the Ukrainian-Hungarian Educational Institute

One of the highlights of UzhNU is that students can study in different languages. One of the examples is the Ukrainian-Hungarian Educational and Scientific Institute where teaching is done in Ukrainian and Hungarian. Students of the Hungarian national community of Transcarpathia are able to study here in their native language, and not only them :). The institute also trains the students who want to improve their knowledge in varous subjects, including the knowledge of the Hungarian language.

We have talked about the prospects and benefits of the unit over a cup of coffee with the Director of the Institute Oleksandr Shpenyk and a student Ingrid Levrintz.

Here are top 5 reasons why you should join the Ukrainian-Hungarian Educational Institute of UzhNU.

Ingrid Levrintz, a 3rd year student:

1. First of all, we can study in our native Hungarian language at the Institute;

2. Students of the Institute have lots of opportunities to develop in scientific and cultural spheres, participate in student exchange programmes, and travel abroad;

3. We have a very cool community of students, who spend a lot of time together both at university and after classes in their spare time;

4. The level of teaching is at a very high level at the Institute, our teachers are demanding, but at the same time they are close to students;

5. Many employment and development prospects are opened up for our graduates in Ukraine, Hungary and other European countries.

Oleksandr Shpenyk, the Director of the Institute:

 1. Balanced teaching staff, which includes professors, associate professors and young scientists;

2. Our institute has some of the best logistic facilities, which include modern laboratories for each specialism. We are especially proud of the good living conditions in a student hostel we have managed to organize for our students;

3. 100% of our alumni are employed. There is a wide range of job offers for them;

4. Our students can undertake internships abroad, participate in student exchange programmes (including Erasmus +), continue their studies at the post-graduate couses and defend PhD theses;

 5. There’s a powerful student self-governance for a vibrant student life.