Students’ first impressions of their study in Poland

Students’ first impressions of their study in Poland

Students of tourism have already participated in international exchange programmes several times, particularly, in a one semester exchange programme at Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk (Poland). This exchange was made possible thanks to the initiative and support of the administration of UzhNU and due to the programmes of international cooperation between universities. This year, 19 students of the second, third and fourth year study of the Faculty Of Tourism and International Communications of UzhNU have taken the opportunity to study at Pomeranian Academy. Our students are very grateful for the excellent organization of the educational process, namely, the opportunity to study in Poland to the Vice-Rector of UzhNU Ihor Korol and the Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and International Communications N. Habchak.

 Polish students and university management cordially greeted Ukrainian students. They told about the structure of the university. The training here is conducted in 22 majors in the areas of humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, pedagogical, medical and engineering sciences. There are three faculties at the Pomeranian University in Słupsk: the Faculty of Philology and History, the Faculty of Mathematics and Science and the Faculty of Social Sciences. There are eleven institutes within the scope of their activities. The University also possesses inter-faculty units i.e.: Scientific Publishing House, University Archives and the Main Library as well as inter-school units: Foreign Language Study Centre, Sports and Rehabilitation Center. 

First impressions of the 2nd year student of the Faculty of Tourism and IC Lidiya Horvat:

 "I am very happy that I have the opportunity to study in Slupsk, Poland in winter semester. This is a very beautiful town, I immediately fell in love with. Slupsk reminds me of Uzhhorod, it’s as small and cozy. The main goal of ​​my stay in Poland is an opportunity to gain experience and become a good specialist in my profession in the future. I’ll be able to use the knowledge and skills gained here everywhere: in Poland, Ukraine or any other country. When we arrived, we were immediately answered all our questions, and offered help with employment. Teachers treat us very well; almost half of them understand and speak English, German or Russian. There are no communication problems. If we do not understand Polish, we are explained everything either in English, or in German. In our free time we travel a lot. This weekend we visited Gdansk. In December we are planning to go to Berlin, because it’s quite cheap, only about 10 Euros, so Poland is also a great opportunity to visit other European countries."

Zhanetta Tafiy – a 3rd year student of the Faculty of Tourism and IC:

  "Thanks to the study in Poland, I learned a new language, got acquainted with a new culture and met new people from Poland, Romania and Spain, as well as from different regions of Ukraine. I was impressed by the system of education: students can make their individual schedule, which allows them to combine study, rest and work effectively. While in the Schengen area, you can travel around Europe, which is a very valuable experience, especially for the students of our faculty. I was greatly impressed by Poland; in fact, there are lots of places to visit. The city where we will stay for training, is not particularly popular among Poles, but it is ideal for exploring the country. It is a green city that represents the identity of Polish culture and enchants with the beauty of its architectural monuments. I will remember this experience forever and I’m sure that it’s a great investment into my future."