International defense of PhD thesis took place at UzhNU for the first time

International defense of PhD thesis took place at UzhNU for the first time

On Friday, October 6th 2017, one of the first in Ukraine international PhD thesis defense for obtaining a degree of a Candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics (doctor of philosophy) took place in the hall of the Academic Council of UzhNU. The work presented for the defense was written by a scientist from Uzhhorod Vasyl Shvalya under the supervision of the head of the Department of Semiconductors of UzhNU, Dr. Yulian Vysochanskii and Dr. Alberto Oleaga from the UPV/EHU: University of the Basque Country (Bilbao, Spain). Physicists from Uzhhorod, as well as vice-rectors of UzhNU, Dr. Oleksandr Slyvka and Dr. Ihor Studenyak were present at the defense.

One of the academic supervisors, Dr. Yulian Vysochanskii noted that physicists of UzhNU and Spanish scientists have been collaborating fruitfully for many years and have published a lot of joint publications in the world's leading academic journals. "According to the agreement between UzhNU and the UPV/EHU: University of the Basque Country, we are virtually the first in Ukraine to conduct such dual defense of thesis.  The scientific degree will automatically be granted  recognition both in Ukraine and abroad."

 Dr. Alberto Oleaga focused on the fact that dual defense of dissertations is a new and very important opportunity for expanding the cooperation between the scientists of UzhNU and the UPV/EHU: University of the Basque Country: "This is my second visit to Ukraine and the first to Uzhhorod. I am very much pleased to be here to witness PhD thesis defense by my  PhD Student Vasyl Shvalya. We are very pleased with our cooperation, he is a very high level  scientist, I hope for positive results of the defense, we have been working together on this scientific problem for more than two years."

 The dean of the Faculty of Physics, Dr. Volodymyr Lazur emphasized the importance of international cooperation, noting that the experimental part of the scientific work was carried out with the help of the equipment located in Spain. "At the moment, we already have several employees who work with two scientific supervisors. I think that this is a significant progress for physical science in Ukraine and a clear incentive to do research for young scientists."