Greetings on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of our alma mater!

Greetings on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of our alma mater!

Dear colleagues, friends, big university family! 

Uzhhorod National University celebrates its seventieth anniversary. A long way in the process of university formation has been passed, powerful research schools have been created, 21 faculties, 109 departments, Natural Sciences and Humanities College, 25 educational-scientific and research institutes, centers and laboratories have been opened. Contacts with higher educational institutions of almost 20 countries have been established.

The university library, computer labs, renovated sports and recreational complex with modern swimming pool and other university facilities and institutions cater to the teaching staff and students helping them to move forward confidently and develop harmoniously.

On these significant for our alma mater days we remember those people who were among the founders of the university and laid its foundations with their hard work.  We are proud of the success of our institution in various areas of activity. Our university graduates are its most significant achievement. There are many prominent figures among them - scientists, teachers, true professionals in various fields.

Moving forward towards the goal is not easy. The world is constantly changing, time sets high requirements, the dynamics of time requires appropriate innovative approaches and competitive actions. In addition, our country is going through a difficult period in its development, is actually in war, but Uzhhorod National University meets the challenges with dignity and continues to evolve, step up to the highest standards of education. I am sure, that valuable experience of teachers and energy of students will continue to contribute to the positive public image of the university. We will  manage to overcome difficulties and achieve the goals together!

 And now, making use of the opportunity, I congratulate all those, who are contributing to development of our alma mater, on the anniversary of our university. I wish You all good luck and prosperity!

The Rector of UzhNU

Volodymyr Smolanka