Festival of spring and colours: foreign students of UzhNU celebrated Holi

Festival of spring and colours: foreign students of UzhNU celebrated Holi

Bright colours, music and good mood: on March 21, 2019, several hundred students gathered near the sports complex of UzhNU to celebrate Holi - Hindu festival of colours.

Uzhhorod has become home for many foreign students in the last five years. Majority of students come from India. Young people from India willingly acquaint the citizens of Uzhhorod with their culture and traditions. One of such festivals is Holi, it is celebrated every year at the beginning of spring.

“According to the legend, it is a celebration of the victory over the evil demon, therefore everyone is happy with the victory of the good and because the earth became holy," says a Hindu student Hari Krishnan.

What is interesting, Holi is celebrated not in all the states of India. For example, in the south, where Hari comes from, it isn’t popular. It is celebrated predominantly in the northern states of the country.

 "India is a country with different traditions and customs which vary from region to region. People even speak different languages! They usually begin to celebrate Holi with a prayer: in the morning the family prays, and then the celebration can last for up to 24 hours – until you get tired," says Hari Krishnan.

While celebrating the festival of colours people cheer, dance, smear each other with colours and drench each other. Water guns and water-filled balloons are also used to play and colour each other.