Career Center of UzhNU held its first leadership training

Career Center of UzhNU held its first leadership training

Recently, the first leadership training "The best among equal" took place as part of “The Leadership Studies” work launched by the Career Center of UzhNU . The event was held in the university scientific library. Students of the medical, economic and philological faculties gathered for the event. The trainer was a charismatic representative of the career center Valentyn Voloshyn.

Students say that the training was unexpectedly interesting. "We thought that some lecturer would start reading the information on how to become a leader, how to achieve something in life and so on. However, we had to perform a variety of tasks and were incited to think independently," said one of the participants at the end of the training.

Students together with the trainer tried to define several leaders who are known around the world. The names of Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, Jesus Christ, Steve Jobs and others were mentioned. Students were divided into teams. Each team had to single out positive and negative character traits of these people. They also had to define what features a modern leader should possess. At the end, all visitors filled in the questionnaire mentioning the topics that would be interesting to hear next time.

One of the participants Ivan Maydych says: "In my opinion, the first leadership training was surprisingly successful! Active young people representing different faculties participated in it. I communicated with the participants after the training and they all had a lot of fun and heard a lot of useful information. I liked that the trainer deviated from the traditional for universities academic style of teaching and managed to make all present students actively participate in the event. Nowadays young people need such format, but it lacks in modern education. The work of "The Leadership Studies" was launched by the Career Center of UzhNU. It is a response to the demands of the time and it is popular among students.”

 Soon we will be able to learn how to become better in our field of knowledge, how to develop our leadership skills and how to win!


Tetyana Buturlakina, Director of the Career Centre of UzhNU says: "I am glad that we have begun the work of “The Leadership Studies” with such a training on leadership. I think a new, non stereotype approach is needed to the understanding of modern leadership, because ambitions and desire or ability to be notable are not the main qualities of a modern leader. He or she has to be a really strong-willed and intellectual personality to lead the people and shape public opinion.

Education and self-education of a leader provide training the ability to lead people, establish relationships with them and organize management on this basis. "The Leadership Studies» of the Career Center of UzhNU include a series of interactive trainings for effective leadership aimed at developing communication skills and motivation of interpersonal relations, development and formation of organizational skills, leadership skills of our students and future managers.

A leader is a person able to influence others for the purpose of integration of common activities aimed at meeting the interests of given community. Our country is in need of a new generation of leaders with strategic thinking, extraordinary vision and confidence in success. The leader must meet the requirements of the time."

Halyna Ryhan

Mediacenter of UzhNU