Coffee with the dean / coffee with a student: top 5 reasons to enter the Faculty of Engineering

Coffee with the dean / coffee with a student: top 5 reasons to enter the Faculty of Engineering

It is Tuesday today, which means it is time for our traditional column! Today we are drinking coffee remotely and talking about the benefits of entering the Faculty of Engineering of Uzhhorod National University.

 Volodymyr Karpovych, a 1st year Master's student, the chairperson of the Student Council of the faculty:

1. This is the place where you will get the profession of your dreams, there is a wide choice of specialisms! If you are restless because you want to resolve some problem and have a desire to create, model, improve, design, build or program, the answer is obvious - you are a future ENGINEER!

 2. Excellent teaching staff. Experienced and highly qualified teachers and faculty members always listen, help, advise, prompt.

3. High quality training. Lectures are interesting, tutorials are useful, laboratory classes are cognitive. Our faculty has one of the best material and technical facilities, well-equipped laboratories, modern computer classrooms.

4. Good students will always exercise their profession. Cooperation with employers during presentations, visits to enterprises and internships contribute to the fact that almost all senior students of the faculty are already employed.

 5. There is a vibrant, carefree and bright student life. Every year we hold such traditional events as "Freshmen Turnabout", "Engineer's Day", "Dean's Football Cup" and many others. It will definitely not be sad!

 Ivan Turyanytsia, the Dean, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology:

  1. The world is constantly moving forward and engineers are the driving force for progress making the world change. The profession of an engineer is multifaceted, so a specialist in this field is able to combine ingenuity and knowledge of science and mathematics to find new solutions to technical problems.

Engineering is not easy, but it is interesting and exciting. The main thing in the profession of an engineer is to come up with and create the latest technological solutions that will benefit people and optimize existing technologies.

You can get a high quality education in the field of engineering at the Faculty of Engineering.

 2. The Faculty of Engineering enrols students to five specialties important for the region's economy:

123 Computer Engineering (educational program - Computer Systems and Networks);

131 Applied Mechanics (educational program - Mechanical Engineering Technology);

151 Automation and Computer-integrated Technologies (educational program - Automation and Computer-integrated Technologies);

171 Electronics (educational program - Electronic Systems);

192 Construction and Civil Engineering (educational program - Urban Construction and Economy).

3. All necessary conditions are created at the faculty to train highly qualified graduates, including highly qualified teaching staff, modern material and technical facilities, sufficient educational and methodical support, modern laboratories with new computers and Internet.

When working on their course projects and undergoing industrial practical training, students have access to the technical facilities of the enterprises of the region with their unique modern European equipment.

4. In accordance with the requirements of the development of modern technology, the fundamental knowledge acquired by students requires continuous replenishment, taking into account the latest technologies. Students’ research work in this regard is an effective means to solve this problem.

 Students of the faculty present their research projects at national and international conferences of students, postgraduate students and young scientists, publish their research results in specialized scientific and technical editions. The best students take part in the competitions of student research projects, olympiads, where they are annually awarded with  diplomas of various degrees.

5. Experience has proven that engineers can work in almost any field and in any position. The knowledge gained at the Faculty of Engineering helps our graduates of electronics, mechanics, building constructions, computer technology, computer-aided design systems to get employed by the organizations engaged in software development, departments of radioelectronics, information security, production management, logistics, construction organizations, the most modern enterprises of the region "Jabil Circuit Ukraine Limited", PJSC "Eurocar", "Fisher-Mukachevo", "Yazaki Ukraine", "Flextronics", "Genterm", "Metalworks" and others.