Uzhhorod National University held an "introductory lecture" to the Crimean Platform

Uzhhorod National University held an "introductory lecture" to the Crimean Platform

The Vice-Rector of Uzhhorod National University, Professor Myroslava Lendel, Professors Yaroslav Lazur, Volodymyr Prykhodko, Mykola Palinchak, Vitaliy Serzhanov, Serhiy Fedaka, Ihor Todorov, Volodymyr Khymynets, Stellas Aslanov, and the director of the IEC Vasyl Ilnytskyi took part in the International Round Table of Experts “The Ukrainian Crimea; World Order Renewal”. The event was organized by the Center for Regional Risk Analysis (Uzhhorod) together with Uzhhorod National University as part of the preparation for the Crimean Platform Summit, which will take place on the eve of Ukraine's Independence Day in Kyiv.

When opening the event, Svitlana Mitryaeva, the Head of CARD, an adviser to the NISS Directorate, said that the goal of the meeting was to increase the effectiveness of the international response to the ongoing occupation of the Crimea, create a broad international coalition to implement the strategy for de-occupation of the Crimea, and keep the annexation of Crimea on the international agenda. Another goal is to consolidate Ukrainian and international experts around the policy of non-recognition of the annexation of the Crimea, to expand the range of participants in the Crimean Platform, provide information and analytical support to the Crimean Platform and promote it.

 Ukrainian scientists and international experts from Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic, representatives of diplomatic missions and institutions of the Western region of Ukraine, analytical and research centers, Transcarpathian Regional State Administration and Transcarpathian Regional Council, non-governmental organizations and media were invited to discuss a wide range of topical issues.

The speakers were the director of the World Politics Institute Yevhen Magda, a European Parliament member, the chairperson of the Slovak Delegation of the European People's Party Ivan Stefanec, the chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada Committee for the European Integration of Ukraine Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, the director of NISS Oleksandr Lytvynenko, the director of the Institute of Foreign Policy and Trade (Budapest, Hungary) Marton Ugrosdy, an adviser to the Prime Minister of Slovakia on International Policy, Oleksandr Duleba, the chief consultant of NISS Valeriy Kravchenko, the president of the Institute for Public Affairs (Bratislava, Slovakia) Grigoriy Mesezhnikov, Consul of the Consulate General of Poland in Lviv Tomasz Koval, the head of the NGO "Eurospace" (Kherson) Oleh Baturin, Professor of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (Lublin, Poland) Lukasz Lewkowicz and others.

In their reports, the speakers stressed that the purpose of the event reflected the true importance of deoccupation of the Crimea to restore stability and security around the world. This act of aggression by Russia must be corrected, as its consequences will lead to the irreparable destruction of the system of international relations that prevailed in the world 70 years after the end of World War II. Moreover, Europe needs a strong, integral and independent Ukraine that sincerely seeks to become an equal member of the European family. Therefore, our country counts on the broad support of foreign partners, their full participation in the implementation of the Crimean Platform, because the stability and prosperity of the entire European continent and the whole world depends on it without exaggeration. A blatant violation of the international order must be stopped, and the perpetrators must be punished, because the principle of justice is one of the fundamental values ​​of the democratic world.

The problems of the inhabitants of the occupied territories cannot be removed from the agenda. The victims of numerous and systemic violations of humanitarian law in the occupied Crimea deserve justice, and this is how we can prove our sincere commitment to the basic democratic principles that the European community has always been famous for.

The Crimean Platform Summit should become a powerful and effective tool to remind the world of the inadmissibility of seizing the territories of other states and finding practical ways to restore justice.

The speakers stressed their support for Ukraine's aspirations for NATO membership as a guarantee of its territorial integrity and a guarantee of a civilized choice, and pointed out that the existence of territorial problems could not be an obstacle to this. In particular, Oleksandr Duleba cited the example of Cyprus, which had been experiencing this problem for several decades, but this did not prevent it from becoming a member of the Alliance.