UzhNU launches humanitarian cooperation with the International Organization for Migration/UN Migration

UzhNU launches humanitarian cooperation with the International Organization for Migration/UN Migration

Since the beginning of the full-scale war with russia, Uzhhorod National University has been taking care of the issues related to displaced persons. Currently, about 1,500 people are living in the university buildings, UzhNU is trying to make their everyday lives as comfortable as possible and provide people with the necessary things. In this context, humanitarian aid from partner organizations and international partners is very important.

Uzhhorod National University has recently established cooperation with the International Organization for Migration / UN Migration to improve the living conditions of displaced persons who, according to the UN, are internal migrants. "We are grateful for the great help from this organization, they provided us with more than 300 mattresses and blankets to help the migrants who are in the buildings of UzhNU feel comfortable. The things the organization has provided will be taken to 4 dormitories of Uzhhorod National University. This is not the last project with the IOM, we are waiting for grant proposals and are ready to develop projects aimed at improving conditions for children and young people living in our dormitories, and may create jobs for displaced persons," says the Vice Rector for Academic Policy and Research of UzhNU Myroslava Lendel.

Kateryna Ardanyan, a representatiove of the International Organization for Migration / United Nations Migration says: “We receive the information about the needs from local regional military administrations, and requests from temporary resettlement centers and continue to distribute aid. We provide about 50 trucks of humanitarian aid to Ukraine per week. The aid from abroad arrives in Uzhhorod or Lviv then we distribute it throughout Ukraine. At the moment we are sending a significant part of the aid to Dnipro."

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is an intergovernmental international organization that was established and operates to address many migration issues in the modern world.