UzhNU joins the British Council "English for universities" project

UzhNU joins the British Council "English for universities" project

Prospects of cooperation between the British Council and UzhNU for in-depth study of English by university teachers were discussed by the rector of Uzhhorod National University professor Volodymyr Smolanka and a representative of the British Council Zhanna Sevastyanova on Wednesday, May 25th.

At present, UzhNU is one of the largest universities in Ukraine with almost 400 foreign citizens studing at its four faculties, - informed Mr.Smolanka. Most of them study at the faculty of medicine and there are also some foreign students at the dentistry and the engineering faculties. The next academic year the range of professions, foreigners will be able to choose from, is likely to increase, due to a powerful academic basis of the university. Currently, UzhNU provides training in 69 majors. Lecturers and tutors of different faculties should be prepared to teach students in English. The cooperation between UzhNU and the British Council is aimed to assist them.

Project coordinator Zhanna Sevastyanova said that the project "English for universities" was initiated to enable Ukrainian universities to participate in international educational activities. Uzhhorod University will be the thirteenth to join the initiative.

 Vice-rector Myroslava Lendel notes that "learning English is one of the priorities of Uzhhorod University. We launched internal English courses for the university lecturers who teach foreign students, and our next step will be the opportunity for our teachers to get internationally recognized certificates. Therefore, we are joining the British Council project, which involves testing of a number of teachers in order to assess their level of English". UzhNU teachers will be able to take the test of the British Council Aptis, their participation in testing will be supported by the university".