Uzhhorod National University is working on the introduction of electronic student IDs

Uzhhorod National University is working on the introduction of electronic student IDs

Do you often forget to take your student ID with you or keep losing it? You will soon have one problem less! Uzhhorod National University together with Privatbank is working on the development of an electronic ID, which our students will be able to try out. The Mediacenter learned about the idea and its implementation from Oleksandr Rohach, the Vice-Rector of UzhNU for Academic Affairs and Research.

"In autumn, our university submitted a request to the Ministry of Education and Science to develop an electronic ID," says Oleksandr Rohach. “We are implementing this project together with Privatbank. It is quite promising, as it guarantees significant budgetary savings and saves time spent on ID production. We recently received confirmation from the Ministry for such an experiment. The next stage is the coordination of some technical issues with Privatbank. "

According to the plan, the electronic student ID will be available in Privat24 application. Of course, first of all, it will perform the same functions as the usual one: it will be used to identify a student. provide a discount in public transport, cinemas, museums, etc. Moreover, it will give you the opportunity to enjoy additional benefits.

 "Privatbank application offers additional services, including the opportunity to keep the schedule of your classes and announcements in it, create chats to communicate with other students, pay for tuition and dormitories, etc. That is, it has a wider range of functions” explains Oleksandr Rohach.

There is also a financial benefit for the university: the cost of an ordinary plastic student ID is about 60-70 hryvnias and IDs in the application will be free for UzhNU.

By the way, such electronic student IDs are already used at Lviv Polytechnic. Therefore, Uzhhorod National University claims to be one of the first universities in the country whose students will be able to take advantage of such benefits.

It is worth mentioning the introduction of electronic student IDs in the application "Action". This innovation was recently introduced by the Ministry of Digital Transformation together with the Ministry of Education and Science. However, in "Action" it is just an electronic student ID that identifies your personality and allows you to take advantage of certain discounts. However, “Acton” does not provide a wider range of functions. In "Action" you student ID is just a student ID in your smartphone, and not in your wallet.

The world keeps developing and changing. The things hat would have surprised you a few years ago are becoming a reality today, and our students will be among the first ones to feel these changes.