UzhNU is the 13th in the ranking of higher education institutions “Top-200 Ukraine 2021”

UzhNU is the 13th in the ranking of higher education institutions “Top-200 Ukraine 2021”

The Center for International Projects «Euroeducation», in partnership with the international group of experts IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence, presents the fourteenth academic ranking of higher education institutions of Ukraine «Top-200 Ukraine 2021». Uzhhorod National University has taken a high 13th place among the best Ukrainian universities.

Compiling this year’s ranking, experts took into account current trends in higher education in Ukraine and in the world, which is undergoing profound changes, in particular due to the impact of the Covid-2019 pandemic. According to the organizers of the ranking, to ensure openness, transparency, objectivity and independence of university rankings, only open data of direct measurements, posted on the web resources of independent national and international organizations and institutions, have been used.

The overall assessment of universities is based on the following indicators:

- academic activity (position of the university in the international ranking QS World University Rankings);

- research and publishing activities (position of the university in the international ranking Scopus)

- evaluation of research achievements of universities through comparison of their websites (the university's position in the international Webometrics ranking);

- international activity (participation in Erasmus+ programmes);

- citation of the pubications of the university researchers (Nature Index);

- quality of presentation and popularity of higher eduction institution in the Internet on the basis of independent webometric indicators (UniRank);

- quality of training (results of All-Ukrainian student Olympiads and competitions of scientific works);

- educational and scientific work (Awards of the President of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for young scientists);

- inventions (the number of patents received by university scientists in 2020).

- attractiveness of the university for entrants (average weighted value for the rankings of higher education institutions by the number of applications submitted by entrants and the average competitive score in 2020).