UzhNU is one of the best universities in Ukraine according to MEU

UzhNU is one of the best universities in Ukraine according to MEU

Uzhhorod National University is included in the number of Ukraine's top higher education institutions, for which the funding from the state budget will be increased in 2020. UzhNU ranks the 12th among the 17 universities, whose funding will increase by more than UAH 15 million. The sourse of the information is the article "More Money to the Top Ones" published on the official website of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine today.

Commenting on the issue of the allocation of funds, the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Hanna Novosad, noted that each university had received funding depending on the results of its work and it would be an incentive for them to develop more dynamically.

It should be explained that the formula for financing higher education institutions has changed since 2020, and now universities with better results receive more money from the state. In particular, the new formula takes into account such components as the contingent of students, the university's position in the rankings, the amount of funds for research, international activity and internationalization of education, the scale of the university.  The level of employment of alumni will also be taken into consideration next year.

 Uzhhorod National University has shown very good results in each of these areas. Due to this, it will receive more public funds in 2020: the total amount of the university budget will increase by UAH 21.9 million (compared to 2019).

It should be added that in terms of state funding, Uzhhorod National University ranks the 10th among all Ukrainian universities.