UzhNU is in TOP 10 universities of Ukraine according to WEBOMETRICS transparent ranking

UzhNU is in TOP 10 universities of Ukraine according to WEBOMETRICS transparent ranking

An updated international ranking of universities WEBOMETRICS is traditionally published in late January or early February.

In recent years, Uzhhorod National University has been dynamically improving its position in this authoritative world ranking. If in July 2014, UzhNU was in the 127th place, in the summer of 2017 it was already in the 24th position, and in January 2020 it was the 11th in the list of all institutions of higher education in Ukraine.

The generalized data for 2020 have not been published yet, but it is already known that, according to one of the four evaluation criteria, the criterion of transpatency (TRANSPARENT RANKING), Uzhhorod National University ranks the 10th among all universities in Ukraine.

 According to the Rector of Uzhhorod National University, Volodymyr Smolanka, belonging to TOP-10 Ukrainian universities by the criterion of citations in the best Google profiles is a very good result. High positions in the ranking are important for the image of the university, and this indicator, in particular, is an objective evidence of the high scientific level of UzhNU.

According to the WEBOMETRICS methodology, quotations from 210 best publicly available profiles of employees of each higher educational institution (Google Scholar or Google Academy) are collected. Interestingly, the top 20 profiles are excluded from the list to improve representativeness by eliminating inaccuracies. For the rest of the best profiles, the number of citations is added and institutions are classified in descending order.

We would like to remind you that according to the latest WEBOMETRICS ranking published in 2020 Uzhhorod National University ranks 11th among all Ukraine’s higher education institutions.