Coffee wih the Dean / Coffee with a Student: Top 5 Reasons to Join the Faculty of Mathematics

Coffee wih the Dean / Coffee with a Student: Top 5 Reasons to Join the Faculty of Mathematics

We continue our weekly column! This time we have learnt why it is worth joining the Faculty of Mathematics having talked to the dean of the faculty Mykhailo Povidaychyk and a student Maryana Svitlyk.

The Faculty of Mathematics, as anindividual unit, has been training specialists since 1966. And the staff of the faculty is an example of a successful combination of experienced professors, doctors of science, founders of scientific schools with enthusiasm of young scientists-teachers.

So, let’s go for it!

 Maryana Svitlyk, a 3rd year student of the Facuty of Mathematics:

1. Mathematics is an important and necessary science. Some basic knowledge of math is needed for the development of practically all fields of science. Moreover, mathematics teaches people to think and helps to develop logical thinking.

2. Our teachers are experienced and friendly. We can always approach them with our questions and they are happy to help.

3. We combine learning with unforgettable and vibrant student leisure activities. We celebrate Pythagoras Day, we choose Miss of the Faculty, we organize and hold our own bograch-fest. For each festive event, our students prepare a thematic photo zone. Our students are friendly and supportive.

4. Our students study not only math, but also robotics, 3D-modeling, digital information processing, learn different programming languages ​​and basics of cryptography.

5. Graduates of the Faculty of Mathematics can work in various fields of IT not only in Ukraine but also abroad. They can also teach mathematics at the highest level.

Mykhailo Povidaychyk, the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics:

 1. It is interesting to study mathematics! The person who has solved some hard math problem gets the same aesthetic pleasure as a music lover from listening to music or an artist from observing some piece of art.

2. Mathematical methods form the basis for computer science. That is why the faculty pays great attention to the study of modern programming languages ​​and has a powerful physical infrasructure.

 3. Curriculla are constantly updated by the faculty to meet modern requirements. This year we have announced admission to 3 new specialisms, including Computer and Business Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence Systems, Data Analysis and Advanced Programming Technologies.

 4. Most of the faculty's educational programmes are related to the field of digital technology. As you know, skilled professionals in this field are in high demand in the labour market. Therefore, the salaries paid to our best alumni are much higher than the average in the region.

5. The faculty staff are both experienced professors and young teachers who communicate with students in the same language. It allows us to engage students both in research and in leisure and sports activities.

P.S. The Academic Council of UzhN has decided to change the name of the Faculty of Mathematics to the Faculty of Mathematics and Digital Technologies.