Three project ideas submitted for the 3rd HUSKROUA ENI CBC Programme 2014-2020 competition by UzhNU have been supported with grants

Three project ideas submitted for the 3rd HUSKROUA ENI CBC Programme 2014-2020 competition by UzhNU have been supported with grants

Starting the new year with new achievements! Recently, the Joint Monitoring Committee of the HUSKROUA Programme approved a list of projects selected for funding and to be implemented in 2021. The ideas of UzhNU scientists were also convincing due to their expediency and importance for solving the topical problems of the cross-border region.

In particular, funding will be provided for the implementation of the project jointly developed with colleagues from the University of Debrecen, dedicated to the introduction of new standards and technologies for surgical treatment of diseases of the central nervous system in the cross-border region (NSDNeuro). The project will be funded by HUSKROUA Programme, the financial share of UzhNU will make 10%. The project is aimed at improving the quality of medical services using innovative technologies for patients with pathologies of the nervous system, including neuro-oncological diseases, vascular diseases of the central nervous system, cerebrovascular disorders, traumatic nervous system injuries, and pediatric neurosurgery.

The international project, implemeted under the leadership of the Rector of Uzhhorod National University, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Volodymyr Smolanka, envisages the creation of new standards and conditions of medical care delivery, improvement of logistics and physical infrastructure, training of neurosurgeons using an innovative neuronavigation system. Specialists are going to conduct trainings for students, teachers and regional health care professionals.

A team of specialists from the Faculty of Biology of UzhNU under the leadership of the Dean, Assoc.Prof. Yaroslava Hasynets, together with Pavel Jozef Shafarik University in Kosice and the Institute for the Development of the Carpathian Region is going to implement the project “Environment for the Future by Scientific Education) - EFFUSE ».

The project is a joint Slovak-Ukrainian environmental education campaign aimed at highlighting the state of the environment, in particular the rate of water pollution and the need to protect water resources in the border regions of Slovakia and Ukraine. The main goal of the project is to encourage ecological thinking among young people.

In the course of its implementation, it is planned to study the state of the river Uzh in the border area in Ukraine, as well as the tributary of the Uzh in Slovakia. In particular, the study of water quality problems and identification of species of invertebrates and vertebrates, plants and microorganisms that are bioindicators of the ecological status of the river. Experts will monitor the water condition and compare water purity data in the rivers on both sides of the border.

University students and senior school pupils will participate in the field studies and carry out laboratory research under the guidance of university experts. The project is aimed at generating young people's interest to environmental problems and finding their solutions, as well as forming society’s active position on this issue.

The HUSKROUA Programme also supported the Carpathian Starry Way cross-border project aimed at solving the problem of light pollution. The main goal is to raise people’s awareness of the harmfulness of light pollution in the project covered area.

Geographically, the project focuses on three national parks and their surroundings. These are the areas, where the level of light pollution is relatively low, so there is a chance to use them for observing the night sky and the development of astrotourism.

The project will be implemented in partnership with the Vigorlat Observatory in Humenne, Slovakia, the Rónaőrző Nature Protection Society in Kišdőr, Hungary, and the NGO “Carpathian Regional Development Institute”. The project manager from Uzhhorod National University is Professor Nataliia Kablak.

Congratulations to all of us. After all, the success of the faculty teams, their victories in the European programmes are the victories of the university as a whole, it is an opportunity for development and international recognition of UzhNU.