"Student friendship" festival was celebrated at UzhNU

"Student friendship" festival was celebrated at UzhNU

On Thursday, May 26th, the celebration of the week of "Student friendship" was solemnly and tastily completed. It was held with the participation of UzhNU and Transcarpathian Hungarian Association of Students and Young Researchers.

Such celebration was held for the second time. Last year the festival of Hungarian and Ukrainian friendship was organized too. This year the national frameworks of the festival expanded, due to the community of students from India and African countries studying at our university. The festival was visited by our neighbors from Slovakia - representatives of the youth group "Via Nova" and Hungarian Selye János University.

The cultural programme of the festival comprised the performances of brass band of Uzhhorod D.Zador Musical College, folk dance group from the village Mali Heyevtsi, guitarist Vladyslav Shulha, soloist Dordiya Forkosh, contests and a disco.

Vice-rector of UzhNU for academic policy and research Volodymyr Feketa said that "the events of the past two years in Ukraine led to the formation of a strong multicultural environment at UzhNU - hundreds of students from Asia, Africa and Europe chose our university to continue their study. Such festivals provide students with an opportunity to communicate, learn the traditions, culture and customs of their fellow students. All this will undoubtedly contribute to better integration of foreign students to the environment in which they live and study, and will probably work in the future".

A cooking competition was an important part of the festival. Bogati Bolharka – the chair of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Association of Students and Young Researchers - mentioned that it was not surprising that bograch-goulash was chosen as the dish, 10 teams of students had to show their skills in cooking of, as that dish was loved and prepared not only by Hungarians, but by almost all nationalities living in Transcarpathia.

 The chair of the student council of UzhNU Oleksandr Varshava said that the participants of 10 "bograch" teams were students of different faculties: mathematics, geography, tourism, dentistry, foreign languages, social sciences and the faculty of humanities and natural sciences with the Hungarian language of teaching. Indian students participated in the contest by preparing their national dish, which suited the taste of everyone who was lucky to try it.

There was a lot of noise, fun and ... smoke in the garden near the student hostel. Each team tried to cook a masterpiece. The winner of the bograch competition was the team called "Uzhhorod nonalcoholic party".

 The biggest number of students gathered near the tent with the flag of India: everybody wanted to try the dish that was also recognized as the best in the category of original dishes. "Matankari" is made of rice, chicken, curry, beef and some special sauce. The leader of foreign students of UzhNU Balkarn Singh said: "It’s a great festival for our students, they are happy to be able to communicate in such a relaxed atmosphere, make new friends and learn about the life of their peers in Ukraine".