Scientists of UzhNU took part in a conference on the development of public health protection program

Scientists of UzhNU took part in a conference on the development of public health protection program

The village of Polyana in Transcarpathia hosted an international scientific and practical conference "Electronic Public Health Management System for the Community" on Friday, February 16th, 2018. It was attended by scientists, diplomats, representatives of local self-government bodies, doctors and entrepreneurs.

Uzhhorod National University was represented by the vice-rector for research, Professor Ihor Studenyak, the dean of the Faculty of Healthcare, Professor Ivan Myronyuk, the head of the Department of Public Health of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education, Professor Henadiy Slabkyi, and the director of the Scientific and Research Institute of Analytical Techniques, Associate Professor Yosyp Holovach.

 In his welcoming speech, the vice-rector of UzhNU Ihor Studenyak said: "Uzhhorod National University researchers immediately responded to the proposal of the united territorial community of Polyana to participate in the implementation of a pilot project involving the public health of the community component. In the history of Ukraine, this is the first attempt to develop such a project, therefore it is really important to unite the efforts of scientists, practitioners and local authorities. Diverse research has been carried out at UzhNU for decades and its results can be used both in the development of this program and its implementation."

"Time offers new challenges to us, and people who unite into communities, want to see the results of transformations, they expect positive changes that affect the improvement of the quality of their lives," said the head of the village Ivan Drohobetsky. “Taking care of the health of our community is our greatest value. Today, our community has every opportunity to offer its own way of taking care of the health of its people to become a model for the whole of Ukraine. The key idea of our project is to examine the health status of each community member with the help of modern devices, create an electronic database and produce a personal electronic medical card for each person.

 We are looking for new areas of development of the economic component. According to our plan, this should be a modern biofactory manufacturing ecological components used for healing people. Implementation of this plan is impossible without combining our unique natural potential with the powerful developments done by the scientists of the Carpathian region representing Uzhhorod National University, Technical Universities of Kosice (Slovakia) and Debrecen (Hungary), who are interested in cooperation with us. Therefore, we are convinced that our project will be successful."

The head of the Department of Public Health of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education of UzhNU, Professor Henadiy Slabkyi delivered a report addressing the definition of the main objectives, ways and methods of implementing the program for guaranteeing public health protection and prevention of disease.

 Representatives of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the profile committee of the Verkhovna Rada, academician of the Ukrainian Technological Academy Mykola Shevchenko, representative of the National Scientific and Technical Association of Ukraine, academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Yuriy Senyuk, the president of the Transcarpathian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Uzhhorod Otto Kovchar, a senator of the European Economic Senate, Honorary Consul of Croatia in Ukraine Oleksandr Rotov, Olympic champion, multiple champion of the world and European championships, Honored Master of Sports, Professor Yuriy Stetsenko, and others delivered their reports at the “Round table”.