Rooms of students’ hostel #4 are being renovated

Rooms of students’ hostel #4 are being renovated

Renovation of the rooms on the 6th floor of students’ hostel №4  has been started. Until recently there lived the students of the faculties of Humanities and Natural Sciences with the Hungarian Language of Teaching, Engineering and International Relations, who were temporarily relocated for the period of renovation. Consul General of Hungary in Uzhhorod Jozsef Buhayla paid a visit to the hostel to see the process of room refurbishment. He could see what the condition of the rooms was before the renovation was begun.

"It's not surprising that the premises are in such poor condition, the hostel has not been repaired for a long time. Hopefully, when the works are over, we will see a huge contrast. We decided to repair students’ rooms because they badly needed refurbishment"- said Consul General.

Generally, they are going to repair 13 blocks of rooms and a kitchen. There are also plans to refurbish all rooms of the 6th floor in the future.