Over 6,000 foreign students were able to return home with the help of Uzhhorod National University

Over 6,000 foreign students were able to return home with the help of Uzhhorod National University

Uzhhorod National University is actively working on returning foreign students to their countries. In total, in recent days, over 6,000 foreign students studying in Ukraine have been able to transit through Transcarpathia and Hungary. In this context, the false Russian propaganda statements about artificial obstacles to the return of foreigners to their countries sound extremely cynical.

 "In mid-February, we received letters from the embassies of foreign countries, where our students come from, in particular from the Embassy of India in Kyiv, asking to switch to online mode of studying and not to create obstaces for the students who want to return home. Thus, even before the war, we began to think about the possible ways of sending our students abroad. Therefore, on the first day of the war we were ready to send our students to their countries. We were able to do it with the assistance of the Transcarpathian Military Administration, the Embassy of India in Kyiv and in Budapest, the Consulate General of Hungary in Ukraine. We express our sincere gratitude to them for their help," says Myroslava Lendel, the Vice-Rector for Research and Academic Policy. Thus, in the first days of the war, all foreign students of Uzhhorod National University were able to leave Ukraine. Starting from February 28, students of other universities of Ukraine - Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zaporizhia, Kharkiv, Dnipro – were able to use the Humanitarian Hub of Uzhhorod National University. "According to our estimates, we helped about 6,000 students to cross the border. Therefore, if you read that the only way to deliver foreigners is through humanitarian corridors, which are supposed to be created by Russia, it is an outright lie and fake,” Myroslava Lendiel emphasizes.

We talked to students from India who study at Poltava State Medical University. "On our way here, to Uzhhorod, we were helped by everyone - police, ordinary people, university staff," says a fourth-year student Shalni. "We are now with the Ukrainian people in our hearts and we hope that we will be able to return to your wonderful country. We really like it here, you have very kind people and this war is a great injustice for your people," said Guri, a student at Poltava State Medical University.

 Mujahad Ayasi, a Palestinian, who graduated from a medical university in Slovakia and is currently studying at the clinical residency at Uzhhorod National University,  says: “I want to be here, to help my Ukrainian friends. The day before yesterday we received 1,300 Indian students and then sent them to Chop, then to Hungary. Many students from Kharkiv and Dnipro call me and ask where it is better to cross the border - in Slovakia or Hungary. Personally, I want to help everyone here. Now when it's hard here, neither my heart, nor my morals, nor my religion allow me to leave the country and go. "

 In general, foreign students are assisted by the government, higher education institutions with their returning home. Therefore, if you see some information that Ukraine does not let foreigners out - know that this is a a piece of fake Russian propaganda.