Open Uzhhorod through UzhNU and together with it!

Open Uzhhorod through UzhNU and together with it!

The fourteenth international dance sport competition “Uzhgorod open” took place in the regional center of Transcarpathia. More than 1,700 participants from 8 countries: Lithuania, Romania, Moldova, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Ukraine came to Uzhhorod to represent their dance schools.

 Representatives of Uzhhorod National University worthily represented local dance school. Thus, a first-year student of the Faculty of Healthcare Taras Mishchan won the third place in the European program in the category "Youth+Adults  class B" and became the champion of Ukraine in the category "Formation" (SDC “Graciya" (Grace), Uzhhorod). This is the first such victory in the history of sports in the region. The young man said: "I like the competition very much because “Uzhgorod open” is one of the best tournaments held in our country. As to the results, they reflect the results of trainings".

The chief referee from Kyiv Dmytro Bazela made a special mention of the high level of skills of dancing couples, and Joan Merges - a referee from Romania - noted: "Everything is very well organized. This is my first time in this place and it’s so beautiful here! And the level of the participants is very good".

"Gold" in the category "Formation" was also won by Anastasia Lendel - the daughter of the Vice-Rector of UzhNU Myroslava Lendel. According to the schoolgirl, who has been dancing since the age of three, the formula of success is the following: "One should exercise a lot, do one’s best and take everything into consideration. The feelings I’m experiencing now are incredible ... I’m overwhelmed with emotions! It’s unbelievable that we have become the champions of Ukraine".

The choreography of the dance "Spain", which brought victory to Uzhhorod dancers, is a post-graduate student of Uzhhorod National University, Master of Sports of International Class Veronika Myshko.

  As you can see, students of our alma mater worthily represent Ukraine abroad. So, open Uzhhorod through Uzhhorod National University and together with it!