Master's double diploma programme in the field of IT between a Slovak university and UzhNU

Master's double diploma programme in the field of IT between a Slovak university and UzhNU

Students of the Faculty of Information Technologies of Uzhhorod National University have been successfully studying at two universities simultaneously for more than a year owing to a double diploma programme established between the School of Economics and Management in Public Administration in Bratislava (Slovakia), the Association of Employers of the Slovak Republic, which specializes in the IT sector, and UzhNU.

The dean of the Faculty Ihor Povkhan says: “At the moment, only our software engineering students can enjoy the benefits of the double diploma programme. However, we are at the stage of approval of this programme for other IT specialisms at our faculty. In the future, we would like to extend the programme to all technical, IT specialisms at Uzhhorod National University."

 According to the educational programme, students study at Uzhhorod National University for the first two semesters. In winter and summer, (now due to quarantine they study remotely), there are summer and winter schools. These schools include lectures, testing and interviews with the representatives of the association of empoyers. This is done to evaluate students in a certain way and introduce them to future employers.

Studying in the third semester takes place in Slovakia. Students are engaged in internships, undergo practical trainings directly with employers who have shown interest in them. These are IT companies, because Bratislava has a large IT cluster, and banking institutions that need skilled workers.

 At the stage of writing their master's theses students return to Ukraine, defend their dissertations. "After defending and obtaining a diploma at Uzhhorod National University, students go to Slovakia, where they study, pass tests, exams, defend their theses and receive a second diploma of the European standard. After that, they can immediately find a job, obtain a residence permit in the EU and sign a contract with the employer," says Ihor Povkhan.

 "For several consecutive years, we have been paying a lot of attention to the development of mutually beneficial relations with our foreign partners and making efforts to ensure that they are systemic in nature," said the Rector of UzhNU, Volodymyr Smolanka. "It provides young people, tomorrow's specialists in various fields of activity, with the opportunity to gain new knowledge, acquire skills and, last but not least, to borrow valuable practical experience from our foreign colleagues and bring it to Ukraine."