It makes no difference for diseases what our skin colour is. Appeal of UzhNU students to residents of Uzhhorod

It makes no difference for diseases what our skin colour is. Appeal of UzhNU students to residents of Uzhhorod

We have never written such appeals at Uzhhorod National University before. However, some extraordinary events are taking place nowadays, which require our unusual reaction. We are not addressing government officials or international partners, we are addressing common citizens, our fellow townspeople. We would like to use not the official business language, but ordinary human language in our address to you.

We are shocked by the wave of discriminatory comments addressed to our peers - foreign students of Medical Faculty #2, who have been taken ill with diphtheria.

 Fear is an extremely strong emotion. You can understand when the locals are afraid that they or their children might fall ill with some dangerous desease. However, it should be remembered that all of us (regardless of the nationality) are someone's children. However, we are healthy and they are already sick, and now they really need help and support!

None of the doctors or officials confirmed the fact that foreign students "brought" the infection from abroad. On the contrary, a well-known infectious disease physician Viktor Petrov, who was the first to examine the patients, noted that the diphtheria strain was of local origin.

"Today, reading the comments, it’s been the first time in my life that I have regretted understanding the Ukrainian language," wrote a talented photographer Hari Krisshnan, a young man who is respected by all the youth of the city.

Truly cultured civilized people will never allow themselves to offend people in trouble.

Today, Ukrainians have ample opportunities to travel. Let's not forget that we all automatically become foreigners as we cross the border, and at the same time we expect humane treatment from the locals. So let’s treat others the way we want them to treat us.

We call on everyone to be tolerant and respectful.

We are very grateful to those who supported the university and our students!

It makes no difference for a disease what your skin colour is.

We will live no matter what happens as long as there are tolerant people in the world. People, let's be humane!