International conference dedicated to the 370th anniversary of Uzhhorod Church Union

International conference dedicated to the 370th anniversary of Uzhhorod Church Union

On April 22nd an international scientific conference "Origins of the Uzhhorod Union, canon formation of Mukachevo diocese and historical fate of the Greek Catholic  churches of Uzhhorod uniate traditions” took place at UzhNU. The event, initiated by the research center for historical and religious studies "Logos" and the Faculty of History of Uzhhorod National University, was dedicated to the 370th anniversary of Uzhhorod Church Union.

The conference brought together scholars not only from Ukraine, but also from Belarus, Hungary and Slovakia. The respectable scientific meeting was opened by the Vice-Rector for Academic Policy and Research of Uzhhorod National University professor Myroslava Lendel, the Rector of the Uzhhorod Greek Catholic Theological Academy named after Theodore Romzha, Archimandrite and Doctor of Theology, Father Petro Pavlo Beresh and the  spokesman of Mukachevo Orthodox Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, candidate of theology, archpriest  Oleksandr Monych.

 The organizers prepared an extremely rich programme. Participants’ reports were divided into four sections and covered a long historical period: "Mukachevo Church/ Diocese and the Union of Uzhhorod between XV-XVII centuries", "Under the rule of the Habsburgs: Mukachevo diocese and Greek Catholic Church in Hungary (second half of XVII - beginning of XX century)","From religious revival to the state ecclesiocide: Greek Catholic church of Subcarpathian Rus' / Transcarpathia in 1919-1949" and "Under totalitarianism and democracy: Catholics and Orthodox of Central and Eastern Europe in the second half of XX -  the beginning of XXI century".

A plenary lecture on Uzhhorod Union and institutionalization of church communities of Uzhhorod Uniate tradition was delivered by Volodymyr Fenych, associate professor, candidate of historical sciences. Scholars’ reports dwelt on the knight themes in medieval sacred paintings of the Carpathian region, historiographical myths and socio-cultural realities, the sources of Uzhhorod Theological Academy, the Greek Catholic Church in the context of transformational processes in the Transcarpathia of early XX century, "religious war" in Subcarpathian Rus in 1920-ies, elimination of the Greek Catholic Church in Transcarpathia in 1949 by the state and its activity in exile, etc.

Scientists also presented their current research on the perception of religion by the residents of Transcarpathia. In particular, Diana Shter’s presentation, candidate of historical sciences dwelt on faith, religion and Church in the perception of residents of the Uzh Valley (based on sociological surveys conducted in 2011 and 2015).

 The conference ended with a lively discussion.