Graduates of the Faculty of International Relations also get diplomas in interpreting

Graduates of the Faculty of International Relations also get diplomas in interpreting

The Faculty of International Relations celebrated its 18th anniversary. It was opened in 1998 as a branch of the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and soon became very popular among students. Today it is one of the most prestigious faculties that trains highly qualified specialists. There are three departments functioning within the structure of the faculty: the department of international economic relations, the department of international relations and the department of the theory and practice of translation.

The faculty provides training of bachelors and masters in international economic relations with specialization in international business, economic diplomacy, international economy and investment policy. Its graduates receive international diplomas and, in addition to their major, are also qualified as translators-interpreters from English, German or French.

Students of international relations have a unique opportunity to undergo study courses abroad, participate in student exchange programs, visit different countries while participating in international programmes, and also undergo practical training and be employed by both state institutions and leading enterprises with foreign investments in the Transcarpathian region including, for example, Jabil, Yazaki, Flextronics, Eurocar, etc.

The faculty staff constantly improves their professional skills by undergoing training abroad, particularly in the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. Foreign professors from Switzerland, the USA, Canada, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia are also invited to deliver lectures to the students of the faculty.

"The faculty has achieved a lot for 18 years. It’s one of the leading faculties of UzhNU. We can be proud of wonderful atmosphere and excellent teaching staff, but our biggest pride is our students. Many of them built successful careers in the diplomatic service, in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, in the Presidential Administration, in state authorities, international organizations and companies with foreign investments, - says Professor Mykola Palinchak, Doctor of Political Science, who has been running the faculty for over 10 years, about the benefits of studying at the faculty. - Our graduates are specialists in international economics; translators-interpreters with the knowledge of at least one foreign language who are sure to be successful in their careers".

 Students of international relations have a good opportunity to get double diplomas. In particular, the cooperation agreement with the Academy Poloniyna Chenstohova (Poland) has been signed. "Under this agreement we will give double diplomas together with the Poles. They recognized two-thirds of our programme. Since our training programmes provide little practice, each year our students who want to get a double diploma will undergo practical training at the Polish university - explains Mykola Palinchak. - These students are both students of our and Polish universities. They can also apply for  ERAZMUS programme. UzhNU students can also apply, but it’s more difficult for them to be selected. If they become students of the EU universities, it is easier for them to participate in the international programmes. Some of the students have moved to study from Poland to Slovakia for 6 months, where they are getting a good scholarship. Similar programs are also provided for our teachers. In particular, I am going to deliver lectures in Romania together with my colleague Professor Ivan Zymomrya".

 Lots of students are involved in various training programmes, first of all, due to their language fluency. At least 2-4 young people are constantly on training in Slovakia, Hungary or other countries. Each summer, 15 to 20 students of international relations travel to the US as participants of the «Work and travel» programme.

 The faculty is also chosen by the applicants from some other regions of Ukraine. They are attracted here by the opportunity to live in renovated dormitory rooms. "We are pleased to inform that a renovated dormitory floor was recently opened, where our students together with the students of the Faculty of Humanities and Natural Sciences are offered ideal accommodation. It attracts students from other regions of Ukraine: Lviv, Donetsk, Ivano-Frankivsk and others"- adds Professor Palinchak.

At different times students from Germany, Hungary and Slovakia studied at the faculty. Soon a young man from the Czech Republic will seek for his Master’s degree in Uzhhorod. Why are foreigners interested in studying in the Transcarpathian university? The dean explains: "They got to know that the validity of our diplomas was successfully confirmed by the universities in these countries. For example, one of our graduates received a diploma of a specialist, applied to Charles University in Prague, where his diploma was confirmed as master’s one".