Graduates of the Faculty of Economics of UzhNU are always successful in their careers

Graduates of the Faculty of Economics of UzhNU are always successful in their careers

The Faculty of Economics has attracted applicants for decades not without reason. This Faculty’s graduates work in all major sectors of economics of Transcarpathia and beyond its borders reaching the highest levels of their careers. Many regional managers including bankers, deputies and famous entrepreneurs graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Uzhhorod National University. Its future graduates have a chance to be a cut above present day top managers, financiers and politicians. This year the Faculty is going to introduce new specialities. Faculty members are monitoring global trends, and most students are able to participate in exchange training programmes worldwide. The Dean of the Faculty and Heads of Departments told us more about the opportunities for those who are planning to enter the Faculty of Economics.

There are four basic departments functioning at the Faculty: Enterprise Economics; Economic Theory; Finance and Banking; Accounting and Audit. 748 students including 409 full-time and 339 part-time students are being trained at the Faculty of Economics at present.

The training of students in Uzhhorod began in 1963 when the Faculty was opened. Professor Ivan Meshko is considered to be one of the founders of the Faculty. Initially there were only extramural and evening courses at the Faculty. Full-time study in the daytime has been carried out since 1989 according to the Dean of the Faculty Vitaliy Serzhanov who continues the story by telling about the latest achievements of the Faculty. In particular, there has been a Business Center functioning at the faculty for 6 years already, which deals with professional training of both students and researchers. Business plans and projects are developed here together with American and British universities. "Recently there appeared another unit: Tempus Innolab - an innovative laboratory dealing with the latest processes and helping students understand the innovation in the global economy - says Vitaliy Serzhanov. - Dynamic changes in the field of economics encourage us to introduce new curricula and open new specialities.  From September, 2016 we are going to offer our students new majors, in particular, “Logistics” within the speciality "Economics", which is extremely important for the economy of our region and our country as a whole; "Customs affairs and evaluation activity"  as part of the speciality "Finance, Banking and Insurance" the opening of which  was caused by the needs of the Transcarpathian  region bordering on four countries, and none of the universities of the region prepares specialists in this field. The name of the speciality "Accounting and Audit” is changed to "Accounting and taxation".  Another speciality available for this year’s applicants is "Trade, Entrepreneurship and Stock-exchange activities". Within this speciality we are going to admit students whose major will be "Personnel Management and Labour Economics".

 The Faculty has strong ties with several European universities. "We pay great attention to conclusion of international cooperation agreements. Our students have recently begun to participate in the programme of academic mobility (Erasmus +). One of them has just returned from Lithuania, two students have gone to the Italian University of Foggia for one semester. In September, two students are going to Canada, and two are coming back. This is the first time when our students participate in exchange programmes with a Canadian university. We have established good relations with Slovak universities including the University of Economics in Bratislava and the Faculty of Economics of Kosice Technical University (the Faculty is at the top of the list of Economic Faculties of Slovakia). Our cooperation with the Hungarian, US, British and Polish universities is also efficient. This cooperation is now getting to a higher level",- says the Dean of the Faculty.

Managers of the Faculty of Economics stress that 70-80% of professionals in the field of economics employed in various sectors of the economy of the region are former students of the Faculty. The Faculty of Economics of UzhNU is the most powerful center for training economists that has been preparing specialists in various fields for over 50 years.