Graduates of the Faculty of Biology will always be able to find good jobs

Graduates of the Faculty of Biology will always be able to find good jobs

The Faculty of Biology is one of the first faculties established at Uzhhorod University in 1945. It can be proud of its history, well-known scientists and famous graduates. Where current students of the faculty will be able to fulfill themselves after graduation and the most popular professions in the area of biology, etc are the topics covered in the present article from a series of publications about the faculties of Uzhhorod National University.

 The dean of the Faculty of Biology Yaroslava Hasynets arranged a tour around the faculty, its departments and premises. There are a lot of interesting things to see and above all, a lot of interesting people to talk to. Students of the Faculty of Biology are very lucky because it will be easy for them to find jobs after graduation. Current trends at the labor market suggest that the specialists who have good knowledge about living creatures, are sought after by modern laboratories, national nature parks, international companies, academic institutions and public institutions.

At present, more than 600 students are trained at the Faculty of Biology. It employs more than 40 highly qualified teachers – professors and associate professors who constantly improve their professional skills by undergoing trainings abroad, particularly, in the USA, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, etc.

 The best students are able to participate in exchange programs with the universities of Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic, undergo undergraduate and graduate practical trainings on the bases of the leading domestic and foreign research institutes.

 They say at the faculty that this is the place where the foundation pushing the students forward and helping them to realize themselves in any area is formed. The Transcarpathian region is perfect for implementing environmental protection projects. Both nature components and components for economic vector development, which can implement or consider all the nuances, are represented in Transcarpathia and the faculty graduates are capable of resolving both economic and social issues properly.

 In total, there are five departments at the Faculty of Biology: the Department of Botany; Zoology; Genetics, plant physiology and microbiology; Entomology and biodiversity preservation; Fruit and vegetable cultivation and viticulture.