Sport & Leisure

Sport and leisure activities at Uzhhorod National University are being organized thanks to close cooperation of active members of Student Trade Union Organization, Student’s Council, Student and Postgraduate Science Association, and active collaboration of Deputy Deans of Faculties, Educational Work Directors of Institutes, Vice-Rector of Scientific, Pedagogical and Educational Affairs.

Traditional Sports and Athletics meetings carried out by Physical Education Department and Faculty of Human Health play an important role in student sport life. Students at most faculties have opportunities to take part in Dean’s Cup mini-football tournaments. Many great sporting traditions have been established and are annually held at the university, e.g. a student football championship for teams of different faculties, a mini-football tournament for hostlers of the university, a billiard cup etc. In 2012 the university football team took part in a local football tournament and was among five best teams of Uzhhorod.

Students regularly take part in and win local, national and international sports competitions. In April, 2009 George Zantarya, a student of Law faculty, won the silver medal at European championship and in August, 2009 he became a world champion of judo in the Netherlands. At present Elizabeth Ban, a student of Faculty of Human Health, is a world champion and Yevhen Krysa, a student of Faculty of Mathematics, is a world vice-champion of power-lifting.

Student life at Uzhhorod National University is exciting and unforgettable for every student. Fresher’s Day is held annually at every faculty/institute. The competent jury chooses the most beautiful girl of the faculty. Then at Miss University, where the best misses of all faculties compete, the most beautiful girl of the university is finally chosen.

Traditional cultural public events of Uzhhorod National University also include a talent’s show “Student Autumn at UzhNU”, a show “Dancing with the Teachers”, University Day, International Women’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day, national holidays, flash-mobs, literary events, photo exhibitions, discos, environment protection events, cultural local activities etc.

The best students take a chance to represent our university at regional cultural events, like “Miss Student of Zakarpattya”, “The Best Student of Zakarpattya”, carried out by Regional Student’s Council.

Not only entertainment shows and sports events are held at Uzhhorod National University but also some intellectual quizzes. Mafia Club and Debate Club were organized for students to teach them to shape their opinion and to stand for it. An intellectual quiz “Brain Ring” is carried out annually at UzhNU.

Students of UzhNU are also involved in charity activities. Some faculties patronize orphanages. Students volunteer to gather some clothes, toys and sweets for the poor and visit the children at orphan boarding schools on St. Nicholas Day and at Christmas. They take an active part in charity events on International Day of the Child. They are part of the charity project “From Heart to Heart” (flash mob, Uzhhorod, 2012).

The longest in Ukraine photograph album of university graduates of UzhNU might serve as a vivid example of collaborative and intensive work of students and active members of Student Trade Union Organization (the process of unfolding the photograph album at Linden Alley)

For being motivated students are provided with the opportunities to have some rest at the sea (annually a group of 50 students is sent to the sea by Student Trade Union Organization), at the ski resorts and some leisure centers at a reduced price.

Every year on New Year’s Eve a party is organized for teachers and the best students to have some fun, enjoy themselves and communicate in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Leisure activities of students are an important component of Higher Education and student life at Uzhhorod National University.

M. Tomenchuk