Laboratory of Physical Electronics and Space Research Laboratory

The Problematic Scientific Research Laboratory of Physical Electronics is a subdivision of Scientific Research part of UzhNU. In April 5th 1965 the Resolution of the Council of Ministers №337 and relevant orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of the USSR and the Ukrainian SSR was established first in UzhSU the Problematic Scientific Research Laboratory of Physics Electronic collisions, which since 1984 is known as the Problematic Scientific Research Laboratory of Physical Electronics. Its direct organizer and the first scientific head was professor Ivan Zapisochnuy and head since 1970 - professor Stepan Pop. The scientific head from 1982 to 2008 was professor Simon Ludvik. Since 2008 the scientific head of the PSRL PE is professor Ivan Shafranyosh, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, the disciple of Ivan Zapisochnuy.

The reason for the opening of the PSRL PE was a ugrent necessity in conducting research of elementary processes of collisions electrons, ions and photons with atoms, ions, molecules and solids to solve the problem of controlled thermonuclear fusion, astrophysical and laboratory plasmas, ecology and biophysics.

The directions of research:
  1. The Quantum Electronics (head prof. L. Simon);
  2. Physics of electronic collisions (head prof. I. Shafranyosh);
  3. Emission Electronics (head prof. S. Pop).

The evidence is conferment of a world-class research for a long period of State Prize of Ukraine in the field of Science and Technology for 1995 to L. Shymon and former employees of the PSRL PE I. Zapisochnuy, I. Aleksakhin, O. Shpenyk, A. Zavylopulo, A. Imre for a series of papers (1962- 1993 years) "The Elementary Processes and Resonant Phenomena in paired Collisions of Electrons, Atoms and Ions." The exhibit, which was presented at the All-Union-Exhibition of USSR, received the highest award - "The Diploma of Honour", and Soviet Centre of Control spaceships flights with commemorative medals "The Participant of Preparation and Providing Control of Spaceships Flights" "Apollo- Union "were awarded I. Zapisochnuy and L. Shimon.

During the period 1990-2012 years was made 62 state budget themes, 7 international grants, reserved 5 doctoral and 13 master's dissertations, published over 450 scientific articles in professional journals, of which more than 350 in foreign publications, 5 monographs. More than 250 undergraduate and master's thesis have been prepared on the basis of PSRL PE.

M. Polyuzhyn