Department of Patent and Licensing Providing and Commercialization

The main purpose of the Division is to implement the state policy in the field of commercialization of intellectual property, innovative activity and patent information within the University.

 The Patent and Licensing Division of the Scientific Research Department fulfills the following functions:
  1. Carrying out methodological guidance and assistance to authors, participation in conducting patent research at all stages of scientific research.
  2. Implementation of legal protection of intellectual property created as a result of research activities by:
  • preparation and presentation to the State Patent Office of Ukraine of the materials and applications for discoveries, inventions, utility models with the participation of the authors, as well as conducting correspondence on them;
  • keeping record of documents on protection and reports on the results of patent and licensing, their analysis, legal support of the received documents on protection;
  • preparing and drafting of other legal agreements for sale and use of intellectual property stipulated by law (patents for inventions, utility models, etc.).
  1. Formation and regular replenishment of patent fund on key areas of the research activity of the University and ensuring broad access to it for scientific and pedagogical staff, students and postgraduate students of the University.