For foreign students

 We are happy to announce that online admission is available in the online format along with an online educational program at our university. We do believe that this is a big step towards developing a modern approach in studying processes as well as new opportunities emerge for those who are eager to obtain new knowledge and skills. According to a number of researches online studying mode as well as mixed one have proved to be effective despite the common idea of lack of traditional education downgrading the quality of studying. Although offline mode as well as blended one are active thanks to considerable drop in COVID statistics in Ukraine.

To clarify the complex process of online admission to Uzhhorod National University we present a step by step scheme:


After allocating a place at Uzhhorod National University you shall be required to submit your education papers (a high quality full scan-copy of your School Certificate or previous education documents). Our international students’ department will be supporting you on every step during the process of enrolment to make it less complicated. Also the following clip contains short instructions regarding the activation of your university account. At the moment we do require a student visa to be applied for by our students due to current legislation and validation purposes.

 University account activation instructions