Vasyl Kaliy: "There are students from almost 30 countries at the Faculty of Medicine №2 of UzhNU"

Vasyl Kaliy: "There are students from almost 30 countries at the Faculty of Medicine №2 of UzhNU"

The Faculty of Medicine №2 was established in 2016 to train foreign students in the field of medicine, the duration of study is 6 years. Teaching is conducted in English, and currently there are about 1300 students from almost 30 countries of the world at the faculty. It’s a dynamically developing structural unit of the university, with good reputation around the world. We talked about the peculiarities of studying and foreign students in Uzhhorod with the dean of the Medical Faculty №2, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Vasyl Kaliy.

What innovations for this year’s entrants can be anticipated?

We train students in specialism 222 "Medicine". This year, there will be no changes in the admission procedures, applicants will have to take entrance examinations in chemistry, biology and English. The only feature is that the admission period is extended until November 15, because of the need to prepare all necessary documents, papers for visas, and the nostrification of certificates of secondary education. We will do our best to admit as many first-year students as possible by November 1.

 What are the employment prospects for the graduates of Medical Faculty №2?

I think that students themselves can tell about their employment prospects, because our faculty is rather popular at the market of educational services. In 2016, when the faculty was established, we had only about 400 students, now there are 1300 students. Then we enrolled 170 students, and in this academic year - 315. This is the largest number of full-time students enrolled to the first year of study in the history of the university.

The number of our srudents’ countries of origin has also increased significantly. In 2016, we had students from 14 countries, now from almost 30. It means that their employment opportunities around the world are very wide. We always receive information that our students validate their diplomas and begin to work successfully in their countries. Majority of our students come from India, but the number of students coming from Arab countries, Europe, including France, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Slovakia, and even the United States of America is increasing.

 In connection with certain changes in the quality control of medical students’ knowledge, we are also planning to introduce the IFOM international exam, along with “KROK”. This exam is taken in almost 30 countries of the world. After passing it, it will be much easier to go through the nostrification process abroad, the prestige of our diploma will increase, as a result, we can expect the increasing number of applicants from the European states.