UzhNU is celebrating its 76th anniversary!

UzhNU is celebrating its 76th anniversary!

In the biography of Uzhhorod National University, October 18th is the day of its foundation. Its formation as the center of education and science of the Transcarpathian region began on this day in 1945.

Over the years, the university staff has put a lot of effort into giving us a great opportunity to be proud and enjoy the achievements of our alma mater and thousands of its graduates today. Due to this, UzhNU occupies a worthy place among Ukrainian universities, cooperates with the best universities in Europe, and its employees have a high reputation and respect among colleagues in Ukraine and abroad. A whole constellation of professionals has been educated in the classrooms and research laboratories of Uzhhorod National University, who have glorified the university with their own success both in the past years and today. Sincere gratitude and respect for this!

We are convinced that pandemic times are not the best for loud celebrations. However, we don't get upset, because we believe that we have many years of prosperity ahead of us and plenty of occasions for fun and solemn gatherings. Happy holiday, dear colleagues!

Rector of Uzhhorod National University

Volodymyr Smolanka