University open to the world

University open to the world

We are 72 today!

The history of our university is a tremendous experience.

Experience is wisdom.

Wisdom is the ability to choose the right path and draw the right conclusions.

We realize that the world around us is very changeable and only those people who analyze their achievements and are always open to the unusual achieve success.

We are ready for changes. Uzhhorod National University, based on the traditions of the past, is open to everything new. We are the university open to the world.

Preserving the best practices of the past, UzhNU is getting adapted to the development in the conditions of the informational or postinformational society, in which the highest resources and values ​​are creativity, being part of the community and, at the same time, individuality.

Today, owing ti UzhNU, hundreds of students and teachers, have the opportunity to discover the physical and intellectual world. Almost a thousand foreign students can discover Uzhhorod and Ukraine, and spread the information about us in their countries.

 Dear friends! Failing to make a step forward means being a step behind all the others. Therefore, we are moving ahead, breaking stereotypes, making small and big discoveries, contributing to the success of the whole university. Consistently, every day, step by step.

We are proud of our history! The heritage of the past, the traditions of leadership and interaction with others are our resources, which stimulate us to create something new and discover the things which were hidden by our predecessors.

We are 72 today, but we continue to teach and learn, borrow and give, bring up and grow.

We live a bright and full life!

Congratulations on the anniversary of our university!