Together with the whole world: students cleaned up the Uzh river banks

Together with the whole world: students cleaned up the Uzh river banks

The amount of garbage is constantly increasing, its concentration in the oceans is three times as big as the territory of France! Being aware of the effects of the problem, students of UzhNU joined the World Cleanup Day – one of the biggest civic movements of our time, uniting more than 160 countries across the world for a cleaner planet.

The all-Ukrainian youth movement “Let's Do It!” is the initiator and the organizer of the World Cleanup Day activities in Ukraine. More than 30 volunteers from Uzhhorod National University also joined the movement this year. In particular, the idea was supported by the students of the Faculties of History and International Relations, Chemistry and Physics.

The idea of the World Cleanup Day is not only to collect garbage, but also to sort it for recycling. Therefore, students prepared containers for glass, plastic, paper and other mismanaged waste, as well as special eco-tubes for collecting disposable cups.

"Our goal is not just  to clean up garbage, but to change the environmental awareness of young people: it is important to sort waste and reduce its amount," explains Hanna Melehanych, the head of the Resource Center for Sustainable Development. “Today there are more of us than last year: the cleaning up takes place on Friday, not at the weekend, and the student space "Aura Academica" helped us to promote the activity. This year we cleaned up wider territory. Moreover, we have managed to involve the organization that sorts garbage, so we know for sure that the garbage collected today will be recycled.”