The first Transcarpahian Economic Forum was held at UzhNU

The first Transcarpahian Economic Forum was held at UzhNU

The Dean of the Faculty of Economics Vitaliy Serzhanov initiated the first Transcarpathian Economic Forum, which took place in the meeting room of he Academic Council of UzhNU on Friday, September 27, 2019. The leading enterpreneurs and the directors of some Transcrpathian companies, representatives of the regional and municipal authorities, and people's deputies of Ukraine joined the forum.

The organizers point out that the goal of the forum is to create an independent platform where business representatives can discuss business problems, find solutions to these problems, get new business contacts, address authorities with their proposals for improving the business climate, develop effective interaction with regional and national authorities, make recommendatons to the university on how to improve the quality of training and involve the university economists in resolving the issues arising in the course of running a business, involve businesses in the practical training of students and discuss other issues related to economic development.

 The main topics for discussion included labor resources: quantity and quality; sources and cost of financing, attraction of investments; business taxation, licensing; effective interaction with the authorities and problems arising in the course of such interaction, problems of functioning and improvement of the infrastructure.

The organizers are planning to make the Economic Forum an annual event.