The date of the next election of the Student Council chairperson has been determined

The date of the next election of the Student Council chairperson has been determined

Election process has already begun! On May 22-26, 2019 candidates for the Student Council chair nominate their candidacy by filling in the online form

We would like to remind students of UzhNU that the regular election of the chair of the Student Council will be held on Tuesday, June 4, 2019. The voting will last from 8.00. till 17.00.

8 polling stations were formed:

Polling station #1. New building of UzhNU, Universytetska st., 14 (Faculty of International Economic Relations, 4th floor, lecture room 516):

- Engineering Faculty;

- Faculty of Economics;

- Faculty of International Economic Relations;

- Faculty of Dentistry;

- Ukrainian-Hungarian Educational and Scientific Institute

 Polling station #2. Main building of UzhNU. Universytetska st., 14 (lobby):

- Faculty of Philology;

- Faculty of Foreign Philology;

- Faculty of Geography;

- Faculty of Mathematics;

- Faculty of Social Sciences.

Polling station #3. Faculty of Medicine (Narodna sq., 1; 1st floor, lecture room #490):

 - Faculty of Medicine;

- Faculty of History and International Relations (1);

- Faculty of Health and Physical Education.

Polling station #4. Building of UzhNU. Zankovetskoyi st., 89 (2nd floor, lobby):

- Faculty of Law (1);

- Faculty of History and International Relations (2);

- Faculty of Information Technologies;

 - Department of Applied Linguistics.

 Polling station #5. Natural Sciences and Humanities College (Ukrayinska st.,19, 1st floor, lecture room #303):

- Natural Sciences and Humanities College;

- Faculty of Tourism and International Communications.

Polling station #6. Faculty of Chemistry (Pidhirna st.,46, lecture room #109):

- Faculty of Chemistry;

- Faculty of Postgraduate Education and Pre-university Training.

Polling station #7. Faculty of Biology (Voloshyna st. 32; 2nd floor, lecture room 137):

 - Faculty of Law (Kapitulna Street);

- Faculty of Physics;

- Faculty of Biology.

Polling station #8. Institute of Electronic Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Universitetska St. 21)

 - Medical Faculty №2.

 All students, regardless of the form of study, have the right to vote. Each person has only one vote. The voter will be allowed to vote in case he/she presents the following documents:

1) passport of the citizen of Ukraine;

2) temporary certificate of a citizen of Ukraine (for persons recently granted the citizenship of Ukraine);

3) student identity card;

4) student's record book.