"School of Community Leaders" was launched on the basis of UzhNU

"School of Community Leaders" was launched on the basis of UzhNU

The first meeting of the "School of community leaders" - a new project involving a three-day long series of anti-corruption trainings - was held in the meeting room of the Academic Council of Uzhhorod National University on February, 13 2016

The program of the event was organized at the initiative of the main territorial administration of justice in the Transcarpathian region and supported by the panel of the civic council of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration. "Career Centre of UzhNU" headed by PhD, associate professor Tetiana Buturlakina was also involved in the development and filling of the course of trainings contents.

Ms. Buturlakina opened the first meeting by telling about the plans within the program stressing the importance of legal education as a component of competent professional activity of public leaders, heads of NGOs and young activists.

"In order to be effective and be able to influence government’s decisions one should learn the trade and gain experience in their profession, and this can be achieved only due to elementary public education which has been successfully working in the world for a long time. Public control, in turn, is the main condition for existence of a democratic society, "- said Ms. Buturlakina. By the way, the launched program will help its participants to gain knowledge, practical skills and advice from experienced experts, leading professionals and public figures of the region who have joined the trainings.