Richard Beaumont, international level financial analyst, met with UzhNU students

Richard Beaumont, international level financial analyst, met with UzhNU students

On Wednesday, December 18, 2019, an international level financial analyst, speaker, business advisor with more than 30 years of experience Richard Beaumont visited UzhNU. He told the students of the Faculties of Foreign Philology, International Economic Relations and Economics about his work and conducted a training for them. The participants of the meeting spoke English.

Vice-Rector Myroslava Lendel opened the event “We have prepared an intellectual gift for you, an interesting meeting with an outstanding professional Richard Beaumont. New knowledge and skills are an incredible resource in the modern world. By attending today's event, you get a great bonus, really, a gift. And I think you will spend your time with pleasure."

 The guest was introduced by Nina Poida-Nosyk, Professor of the Department of Finance and Banking of the Faculty of Economics. “We have the opportunity to communicate with a valuable specialist who has extensive experience in the areas of information technologies, consulting, and financial services. I can speak long about Richard Beaumont's achievements, and I would just like to mention that, he worked for “Rolls-Royce Motor Cars”, where his task was to simplify the global and electronic purchasing network, and was a consultant with “McKinsey & Company”.

Thus, Richard Beaumont had a fascinating conversation with the students, in which he described his professional career, stressed that he had been self-employed for several years advising the top management of 22 car companies and conducting trainings. He shared his knowledge of the procurement process and told how important it was for any company. He also shared the information on how to make the right financial decisions. Richard Beaumont noted that a lot depended on the procurement process and only a properly established process would allow the company to gain profit.