Professor of Manhattan College Igor Aizenberg became a member of the International UzhNU Alumni Association

Professor of Manhattan College Igor Aizenberg became a member of the International UzhNU Alumni Association

Igor Aizenberg, who graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics of UzhNU in 1982, thinks that being a research supervisor of the university’s postgraduate students and young scientists is his best investment into the development of his native university. He said it at a meeting of the Board of the Association, which took place on March 15, 2018. The President of the Association, Volodymyr Smolanka, congratulated the authoritative scientist on his joining the Association, and presented him a photo album, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of UzhNU. By the way, this is Igor Aizenberg’s second visit to UzhNU with a lecture course within the framework of the Fulbright educational exchange program in Ukraine.

 Oleksandr Slyvka, the Chairman of the Association Board, informed the new member of the Association about the establishment of the public organization, which will celebrate its first anniversary on March 24, 2018. One of the important directions of Association’s activity is to establish communication with UzhNU alumni who successfully live and work abroad. Information about some of them was published in the first edition of Association's Herald.

 Igor Aizenberg shared the bright emotions he had after communicating with UzhNU students: "I was pleasantly impressed with current students. They're not the same young people I was lecturing to three years ago. They feel free, mature and motivated to gain knowledge. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to communicate with them and establish cooperation. This generation of young people is a special award to Ukraine in its struggle for genuine independence".

  Igor Aizenberg stressed that he considered his desire to help the university absolutely natural. His father, incidentally, connected more than fifty years of his life with UzhNU and was one of the founders of the Mathematical Faculty.

 According to the professor, Ukrainian youth should be engaged in modern science. Therefore, he would be pleased to have postgraduates from UzhNU to manage their scientific activities, bearing in mind, that there are many capable and talented young scientists in the university.

 Volodymyr Smolanka thanked the guest for the high praise he gave to Uzhhorod students and stressed that the university accepted his offer with pleasure. In turn, Oleksandr Slyvka emphasized that the most important outcome of the meeting was the search for the ways to organize the development of science at the university with the assistance of its successful alumni.

 At the end of the meeting, Igor Aizenberg gave some extremely good advice on organizing scientific work at the university.