Owing to Science Park UzhNU becomes an innovative university

Owing to Science Park UzhNU becomes an innovative university

On April 18, 2016 a press conference on the results of the research project implementation and presentation of the concept "Innovative University – a tool of integration into the European educational and research area" was held in the building of UzhNU administration.

According to the project coordinator, director of the Institute for European Integration Studies Ivan Artomov, the concept has declared university’s desire for faster integration into the European educational area and becoming competitive on the educational market. Based on the concept, a strategy of university development for a couple of decades will be worked out.

The given concept is the best in Ukraine: the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences highly rated it, focusing on one important aspect - a system of monitoring the quality of implementation of innovative components. According to Mr.Artomov, the monitoring allows to predict what experts are in great demand at the regional labour market, etc.

 "Timely investments are great success, belated investments cause big problems, and lack of investments and innovations results in big losses. Innovations have become a trend, but this is a particular work aimed at solving specific issues", - added the director of the Institute for Cross-border Cooperation Serhiy Ustych.

The Science Park of UzhNU, which is the main subject of innovative activity, through which researchers can obtain funding and the opportunity to put their scientific developments into practice, will allow to introduce innovations efficiently in Transcarpathia. Yosyp Holovach, the director of the Research Institute of Analytical Techniques of Uzhhorod National University, notes that the Science Park should encourage scientists to do practical research and the university to look for real investments.

 The Science Park of UzhNU is one of 13 institutions of the kind in Ukraine, most of which were created at technical universities. Among the classical universities of Ukraine the parks were formed on the bases of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and Uzhhorod National University, and an international cooperation agreement (with the Science Park of the Technical University of Kosice) was signed only by our university.

During the press conference, Yosyp Holovach presented five developments by UzhNU scientists which would solve socio-economic problems of the region as energy-efficient and cost-effective ones. Several projects, including the use of electric heating elements, hypnotherapy and others are successfully implemented in practice. A catalog of innovative projects in the fields of alternative energy sources, power saving, machine engineering, development of agriculture, medicine, pharmacy, environmental protection, etc. has been published.

 Uzhhorod National University is currently implementing a research project supported by the Visegrad Fund. Foreign project partners are the University of Rzeszow (Poland), the University of Debrecen (Hungary) and Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia).