On the features of this year's entrance campaign to UzhNU

On the features of this year's entrance campaign to UzhNU

On Tuesday, July 12, a press conference on the beginning of entrance campaign 2016, changes in its conduct and its main features was held at Uzhhorod National University.

The Rector of UzhNU Volodymyr Smolanka, vice-rectors Myroslava Lendel and Ihor Korol, executive secretary of the Admission Committee Petro Horvat met with the journalists of the regional media.

The university Rector Professor Volodymyr Smolanka gave a detailed account of the innovations awaiting for this year’s entrants: "There are a number of features of this year's entrance campaign, which only emphasize that the competition between higher educational institutions is becoming more and more serious".

This year, the main change for those who wish to apply for a bachelor's degree on the basis of complete secondary education is the requirement to submit their documents in electronic form (only for full-time applicants). In order to facilitate the processing of documents, an advisory office has been opened in the main building of UzhNU (the university library), where the entrants will be able to get assistance with filling in the application forms and their submission. Such offices are also functioning in Tyachiv, Mukachevo, Khust and Berehovo at the departments of education of district state administrations.

Another feature is the increase in the number of universities one applicant can apply to. Compared to last year when an applicant could apply to a maximum of five universities, this year this number has increased to 15. This year's entrance is also conducted according to a new list of areas and specialties applicants can get acquainted with on the university website.

Concerning the list of competitive subjects, two mandatory ones are determined by a higher educational institution and the third one by applicants themselves. As noted by Volodymyr Smolanka, this is done for the convenience of applicants and gives them more opportunities.

Target and non-competitive entry have been cancelled and replaced by quotas. The people who are protected by the Law of Ukraine "On the status and social protection of the citizens affected by the Chornobyl accident" are admitted to universities by the results of interviews or entrance exams. Such opportunity is also offered to those who suffered during the Revolution of Dignity, ATO participants, orphans, children deprived of parental care, combatants or demobilized from the ATO area and those who couldn’t take EIT for health reasons.

 This year, the system of allocation of state-funded places has been changed and each specialty has received by 25% more places compared to previous year. However, if the speciality fails to admit the accredited number of students on a contractual basis, respectively, it is deprived of a certain number of state-funded places.

After acquaintance with innovations, Vice-rector for academic policy and research of UzhNU Myroslava Lendel described the vocational guidance activity of the university before the beginning of the entrance campaign. She also told about the cooperation with foreign universities and the opportunities of free one-semester study abroad.

Vice-rector for academic policy and research Ihor Korol told the present about the work done to improve the educational process. "This year 16 different specialties have been licensed for opening post-graduate courses; a lot has been done to change and update the curricula. It is expected that in the next academic year, students will have the opportunity to choose courses at their own discretion".

 Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee Petro Horvat informed that by 10 a.m. Tuesday, July 12 more than 550 applications for full-time study, 100 applications for extramural study and about 100 applications to the college had been submitted.

 The Rector of UzhNU Volodymyr Smolanka invited this year's secondary school leavers of Transcarpathia to choose UzhNU, because it belongs to classical universities of Ukraine and is one of the largest and best universities in the Carpathian region. In the consolidated ranking of universities of Ukraine Uzhhorod National University is in the 17-18th place among 269 universities. This means high-quality education, significant scientific achievements, openness of management and much more. The university prepares professionals able to apply their knowledge in any country of the world, Nowadays, UzhNU collaborates with 86 partners from 17 countries; every year dozens of exchange students study at the leading universities of Europe.