Medical students of UzhNU can go abroad for internships

Medical students of UzhNU can go abroad for internships

Last year, 10 students from Ukraine for the first time went abroad for an internship as part of the IFMSA SCOPE program, and medical universities of Ukraine hosted students from Turkey. UzhNU was one of the "pioneers" of the program: two future doctors went for an internship to Turkey, it was made possible due to creation of Ukrainian Medical Students' Association in our country and its integration into a worldwide network of similar associations.

Ukrainian Medical Students' Association, UMSA is a public organization which unites future doctors all over the country and gives them the opportunity to practice in foreign clinics, participate in conferences, symposia and implement their own projects in the field of medical education, healthcare and human rights.

UMSA creation was initiated by a group of students from several higher educational institutions of Ukraine. One of them is a resident of Uzhhorod, a medical student of UzhNU, Vice President of UMSA for international communication Volodymyr Smolanka.