Medical Faculty students join the fight against COVID-19 pandemic

Medical Faculty students join the fight against COVID-19 pandemic

In the light of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the public awareness of the importance of healthcare professionals, whose role cannot be overestmeted, has significantly increased. Doctors, nurses, and other professionals working in the area of heathcare around the world conscientiously perform their duties and do not leave their "posts" and "hot spots". Although we all understand, they are thus at risk of being infected with the new coronavirus while in close contact with patients. Some students of the Medical Faculty of UzhNU manage to combine studies and work, because there cannot stay away at such a difficult time for the country. We have talked to some of them about their motivation, impressions and state of health.

 Volodymyr Hlukhov, a 2nd year student of the specialty "Medical care"

“My motivation was the desire to learn something new in the field of medicine, get some unforgettable experience, and test myself for strength. It was also a good opportunity to spend several days of quarantine with interest. We were fully equipped with all the necessary personal protective equipment. We had to wear protective suits for 4 hours several times a day. One feels far from comfortable wearing such protective suits and other safety accessories as safety glasses fog up. It was quite hot, partly because of the warm weather, and there was also a feeling of thirst. However, all this can be endured and one can get used to it. In general, we worked for 7 days with COVID-19 posiive patients. These were the patients with more serious symptoms, some of the patients were depressed, but we always tried to provide comfortable conditions for them in hospital. We encouraged them, because positive mood and adequate attitude to the disease certainly helps to combat it. The only fear was getting infected with the virus. However, the fear gradually disappeared, because we observed the rules and were provided with good personal protective equipment. The work was organized well, and some minor issues were resolved in the course of work. So, I can say that I am satisfied with the experience.”

Alina Shtybel, a 6th year student of the specialty "Medical care":

 “First of all, I was motivated by my dedication to work and the desire to help people in need. All necessary protective equipment is available in hospitals. We had to spend 4 hours a days in protective suits. Of course, there was some discomfort, but over time, people got used to it. I think for the sake of your own safety and the safety of others it is possible to withstand such a small inconvenience. On average, the condition of the patients I worked with was moderate. Despite their health status, some fears and concerns, patients were in a good mood and positive about the treatment. One can envy their willpower and faith for a better tomorrow. I wish each of them a speedy recovery and return to their families. We are all human beings, so of course me and my colleagues had some concerns about possible increase in the number of patients as well as the state of our health. But overall, it turned out to be not as scary as expected. Our team performed their duties professionally. I had never encountered anything like this, so this virus was a challenge for me as a future doctor.”

 Mykhailo Hroshyk, a 1st year student of the specialty “Nursing”:

“I chose the profession of a medical worker not to become rich or famous, but to help people, including my family, professionally. Every medical worker I have had the opportunity to communicate with has the same opinion. I am sure that everything I am going through in the workplace now will be a great experience for me, and will come in handy in the future. I've been working and living in the hospital for a week now. We are now provided with everything and work 4-6 hours a day. Working in protective suits is uncomfortable, but this is the only way out. In our ward, all patients are in heavy condition. Many are scared, but we are trying to support them. Most patients had considered the pandemic to be a fiction until they encountered it personaly. It's been psychologically difficult for me to work with COVID-19 positive patients. The fears that I could infect my loved ones were constantly on my mind. So, once again I am asking and urging all the people to stay at home, and not leave their homes without any need. In the meantime, medical workers risk their lives and the lives of their loved ones to save you.”